Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Music Industry Concept: "One Song, Multiple Lyrics"

Hello All,

Today's entry is a "Gem of Opportunity" as one of countless innovations I provide here at "Atrayo's Oracle" since 2005.

First off, I dedicate this to a "Mr. Dela (Carlos) Candela" although your way may feel incomplete without your music. Your music hasn't even left you, you have just switched to another frequency in your life. The rhythm beat is eternal. Just silence your white noise and you'll find it singing your dreams into reality.

To all other songwriters undiscovered and those that have fallen off the soul train. Challenge yourselves with my concept of today, even if it is just a mental experiment. To prove to yourselves that you have the skills and the talent to pull it off.

My concept of "One Song, Multiple Lyrics" is meant to clear the cobwebs off of past popular music. Even music that is now Copyright Free. Meaning: Nursery rhythm's, Patriotic Songs (National Anthems), Gospel music (ie Church music), Classical music, etc... Music that however belongs to a record label, well what can I say? If the song you put out that has been reinvented in lyrical content becomes famous. Well just get prior approval from the record labels if you go professional with it.

Taking music of one genre and completely twisting it out into another interpretation of a musical genre. However keeping up to 90% of the original instrumentation that made the song famous in the first place. Your just Reskinning the song inserting brand new unheard of Lyrical Content.

Examples for instance taking the classical "Flight of the Valkyries" without any lyrics. By arranging it to a musical genre of say heavy metal music or some form of grunge alternative genre. Another example taking "Queen's, Rock it" song and reinventing the lyrics to a Dance genre beat. Or "Cindy Laupers, Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and reworking / reskinning the lyrics to a Rap genre of music. When I mean reskinning I mean Gutting the original lyrics of a popular or famous song. To insert your own creation in Lyrics to the musical beat, harmony, melody that already sounds and feels good to the song. This is no way resampling by those of you that are Disc Jockeys (DJs).

The Song Writers that have Cajones can go after the Sacred Cows by slaughtering them creatively speaking. For instance reworking / reskinning the song "Amazing Grace", the "American National Anthem", or a Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". So many in years past have reskinned the nursery rhythm of "Jack & Jill" fetching their pail of water up the hill. Often using adult mature language in the process, comedian "Andrew Dice Clay" comes to mind years ago.

Recording artists if not more over record labels can put out an album using my concept. Whereby 2 to 3 songs are reskinned 2 to 3 times apiece. Yes, you heard me right after reworking the lyrics to a song once. Do it all over again with a completely different set of lyrics. That talent will belong to the greatest of Song Writers for sure.

So I challenge all you Song Writers that are dying to break into the music industry. Show your chops by bringing back forgotten popular and famous music reskinned for a contemporary generation of music listeners world wide. Talk about recycling music, isn't that Green?

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