Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Atrayo's Oracle" Turns 8 Years Old!

Hello All,

With a happy heart I'm proud to say "Atrayo's Oracle" has turned 8 years old here at Google's Blogger service. I would have not had an inkling that I would be around for 8 years time online. I'm happy to say I'm glad I was proven very wrong. For when I first started "Atrayo's Oracle" I was two years out from publishing my first book ever of "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within", Volume 1".

Today I continue the joy of sharing the Good News of inspiring souls from the well spring of the "Holy Spirit" within all of us. Besides offering a plethora of "Gem of Opportunities" or otherwise known as my original innovative concepts. Across a litany of industries, including non-profits and governmental sectors. I have at times gone onto spotting long term mega trends as potential societal impacts I for see possibly occurring. Especially as it relates to here in America and the growth of the Hegemony of China.

As I stated back on July 5th "Atrayo's Oracle" can be found in these satellite locations online.

Such as:

1) Google's Blogger:

2) Tumblr:

3) Facebook Fanpage:

4) Twitter:  (My Personal Profile)

5) Google + (Plus)  (My Personal Profile)

However I've expanded to 2 more spiritually oriented communities online.

They are:

6) (Select "Journal Tab" on the left hand side of my profile page)

7) Temple Illuminatus:  (A esoteric often Pagan alternative spirituality based on Benevolence Online Community.)

No matter where you find my writings online be they spiritually oriented steeped in wisdom. Or the more secular minded innovative ventures as potential approaches of opportunity. I hope you come away from "Atrayo's Oracle" inspired, bemused, intrigued, if not challenged at times. For we all become the richer of this union of giving and receiving. Amen.

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