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Wearable Technology Concept: "Techno Clothing"

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Last year around June I was inspired to share my own version of a potential augmented reality (AR) eye glasses or helm visor piece of wearable technology.

Atrayo's, Augmented Reality (AR) Eye Glasses & Visor Concept

This was due in part to Google's foray into their own initiative on the topic known as "Project Glass". Also, last night I saw a segment on PBS "Nightly Business Report" that aired this past Friday Jan. 25th in conjunction with the "".

Geek Chic: Wearable Technology the Latest Fashion Buzz

Where they spoke about industry leaders such as: IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung. Making in roads to such a stylish version of wearable technology to come world wide. Briefly IBM was mentioned making a Flexible Substrate material so as to be applied on top of clothing or as a substitute to clothing itself.

So again I'm eager to take a stab of what would such a wearable technology look like through my Imaginative eyes?

This is what I came up with using a Man's suit ensemble of a blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks as my forth coming examples. I have no idea what the aforementioned IBM flexible substrate material or chemical compound will look like on clothing. This is my supposition that it'll be like a waxy plastic looking organic LED screen material when applied to clothing. It can be applied to segments of a piece of clothing or all of the contours of an entire piece of garment. If applied into segments than the top of the sleeves, back of the blazer and vest, front & rear legs of the slacks using my male suit ensemble example.

The 1st generation of such a wearable piece of techno garment will have a hip wearable module. That interfaces the downloaded images via a USB cable or thumb drive that can receive updates when synced to your smart phone. The hip module is no more the size of an old fashioned "Sony Walkman" from the 1990's. Where wired plug connectors, similar to a head phone jack connects to the blazer jacket, vest, and male slacks. All hidden neatly out of site where the wires will not detract from the ascetic of the clothing outfit. Later generations of this "Techno Clothing" can eventually meld the hip module into a small module sown into a flap of each garment. That these later generation modules will plug directly into each piece of garment having a WiFi connectivity. A futuristic app on your smart phone will simply Ping the piece of clothing to apply updates to the firmware or rotate through preferred displayed Images.

The days of squinting your eyes looking at a movie on your smart phone are over. Now users with "Techno Clothing" will look at their preferred arm sleeve to watch video programming. No more small 4 or 5 inch smart phone screens, your Arm Sleeve is your screen of choice to interact wirelessly with your smart phone. So the arm sleeve flexible substrate organic LED material will also have touch screen functionality. Users can still wear their smart phones in a holster attached to their hip. Or choose to wear a sleeve holster with a plastic housing clip attached to a forearm configuration assembly. That is worn underneath jackets, coats, and such except for a long sleeve shirt.

Let's say a user walks by a store front or a "Clear Channel" futuristic Video billboard like seen in the "Tom Cruise" movie of "Minority Report". Besides just seeing your favorite brands broadcasted out loud via your own social media publicly shared preferences. With "Techno (Wearable) Clothing" you'll display on your clothing via the aforementioned men's suit ensemble example. The product brand name video advert on your blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks. If the person next to you is using augmented reality (AR) eye glasses they'll see the advertisement commercial not just in plain 2D, but in full glorious 3D.

Now that your broadcasting as a "Shared Shout Out" your brand name of choice to those passing you by on the side walk inside a shopping mall or elsewhere. The next time you make a purchase for that brand name in any store front you'll receive a promotion freebie item. Or a discount up to a certain amount at point of sale, applied as a mobile coupon. Just for being such a loyal customer willing to promote the brand amongst friends and strangers alike.

If your caught outside during a rain storm you won't be electrocuted for wearing such gizmo clothing. Since the outer coating of the flexible substrate will act like a barrier to keep moisture outside. Without affecting the internal hip module or later versions of the sewn in modules inside flaps of the garments. However if your submerged in liquid of any sort you may very well be screwed.

Consider this if your wearing a neutral tint suit by my men's ensemble example of a blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks. Let's say you want to change the color of each garment so it is all uniform in one color. Or provide contrast with differing colors or dyed tint shades. By interacting with your preferred input command sleeve you set the hip module or internal clothing flap modules. To shift the color spectrum for each piece of clothing all at once or individually. Like switching a TV channel on your television, but broadcasting picture in picture quality many times over. Where each piece of garment is treated like a different TV screen all of its own making. So one generic neutral tint men's suit can mimic an entire wardrobe of clothing in someones closet.

Now more seriously consider first responders like police, fire rescue, paramedics, or even road side construction workers. Each wearing a wearable Vest of technology displaying emergency or standard information to all locals. If not, a good Samaritan choosing to display an Amber Alert or NOAA Weather Alerts when they're issued to the general public. As they're going about their typical day outside or in the work place.

How will wearable technological clothing affect society as a whole? Well forms of expression be it secular or artistic will explode across all societies that utilize them, including religious or holiday festivities. Maybe a new sort of spam will likely occur as well from all the displayed images people will showcase. Some of it may be vulgar in origin, where local police ordinance obscenity laws will need updating. Nonetheless this can only be a good thing to a degree, depending how well it is embraced overall. Just picture someones grand mother showcasing their grand children's pictures via their clothing outfit. Tacky and comical as it sounds this could be possible within the next decade or so world-wide.

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