Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Just Ask"

Hello All,

I hope the beginning of this new year is finding many of you well and in continued good spirits. For myself i'm cranking out inspired spiritually written material at a good clip of a pace. Knock on wood. As is often the case for the month of January we're struggling with our "New Year's Resolution". After taking inventory of ourselves in the preceeding Holiday month of December. Many a time we strive for very noble goals, but somehow along the way we fret and begin making poor choices once more.

So today I wanted to share a newly minted "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement on the topic of "ASKing". Much of it inspired from the Christian New Testement Biblical text in regards to this topic. I first wrote this exactly 8 days ago in the series numeral of #1397, for those keeping count. Since I'm sampling from a far flung Volume 4 that is still being written of the "Jewels of Truth" series.

Enjoy the inspiring thought as I have in channeling the material from my Angels via automatic writing.


1397) All things come at a price whether stated or implied. In the Christian Bible it states to: Ask, Seek, and Knock when invoking the divine to aid us in life. Take note that I've underlined the first letter of each word of: Ask, Seek, and Knock. Which reveals the hidden word of "Ask" once more to the devout seeker.

As we beesch the "Lord God" to aid us and our loved ones in life by asking, seeking, and knocking. That God, Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohammad, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, the Saints, and most certainly our Angels. Will do the same with us, by asking, seeking, and providing knocks to awaken our slumbering spirits from this crazy world we've found ourselves within. Sometimes rather more than not we misinterpret such holy knocks on us as painful personal experiences. Life may have jostled us unfairly by our own assumptions. Yet the events that transpired are a prepartion by God's mysterious plan for our lives. Many times we have suffered greatly by our sheer confusion or wantonly dwelling in a place of misery. Our free will and free preceptions must not misunderstand the life affirming hardships that were laid at our feet for a higher calling. Not to be cursed or punished, but to be strenghthened as an act of a mysterious compassion. Prepared in such a manner as to be groomed for our freely choosen purpose in life. Do not dwell on the loss or give into a sense of fear or failure from such knocks or tests in our lives.

When God(dess) or the Spirit Realms of Absolute Love come asking, seeking, or knocking for us. It is always in our better interests perfectly so to respond to their inquiry. For a loving relationship with the Divine is a two way street to bliss. Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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