Monday, January 07, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Life's Voyages"

Hello All,

Yesterday was the Catholic holiday of Epiphany or what in the Hispanic community celebrates as "Los Tres Reyes Mago" (The 3 Wise Kings or Magi).  Where usually an additional gift is given aside from the customary treasure trove of gifts from Christmas morning. The city of Miami in South Florida usually has a parade to celebrate this occasion in the "Little Habana" neighborhood. Miami, is my hometown and I only visit once a year or so when able on a family trip.

So whether you celebrate Epiphany, or not. I would like to offer you this "Jewels of Truth" statement #1379 penned in early December of last year. As my gift to all of you, although these postings are a regular feature I enjoy sharing holiday or not. Yes, I'm guilty on that count. :op

Today's topic is on Life and the spiritual qualities that aid us along our life's journey.

Enjoy the sentiment as I have in sharing it here for the first time.


1379) Without faith a worshipper in religion or spirituality is useless. The faith is the navigating rudder that steers the ship or the soul. God, is the north star as the navigators aid in life. Love, is the wind or the energy in motion that makes the world go round. The faithful are the captains or the commander, where the Angels are the crew as the selfless guardians in our lives. Gratitude, is for the blessed Omens encountered throughout a voyage. Trust, is that the mapped course will lead us to our destination. Forgiveness, is when the unexpected surprises or what haunts us during the course of our voyage is healed. Hope, is that all souls on board arrive well and in good working order. Providence, is the Grace at work constantly by Angels and people alike, whether the known or unknown is encountered. A Miracle is that this voyage and crew ever left port at all for the mission at hand.

The rest belongs to the journey, which is the ever revolving present moment of the "Now". All decisions are always happening "Now"! Be it later defined as the past is another mariners tale metaphysically speaking. A prayer is the gift of free will to invoke all that is mighty in Heaven and the Earth to aid us. For the Holy is based on cooperation and not confrontation between the Infinite Children of God(dess). The Truth is our bravest ally or our cruelest teacher if we lack his respect. Beauty, is confusing your lover as a mermaid or a strong sailor in uniform. And, than waking up in the morning with something else instead. Laughter, is knowing when to laugh as a sign of mirth, and of courage of a better tomorrow along your voyage in Life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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