Thursday, March 05, 2009

Renewable Energy Concept: Kinetic Energy Generators

Hello All,

Today I wanted to share with all of you a unique type of renewable type of energy source. That so far I have not come across in learning about new energy source technologies. I'll call it a "Kinetic Energy Generator", similar to those tidal wave generators that are moored out in the ocean to generate electricity. However this notion is for absorbing kinetic energy from an "Earth Quake".

Yes, you heard me correctly "Earth Quakes" deployed across fault lines be it on land or deep in the sea. (IE Pacific Ocean "Ring of Fire") Of course due to the type of equipment this will be it will not be so apt to destruction. Due to absorbing much of the violent kinetic energy of earth quake tremors.

Eventually as this renewable green energy source is modified in further generations. It can be deployed within commercial real estate such as those skyscrapers that have been reinforced as "Earthquake Proof". Regions of the world be it in California or Japan may eventually have residential units that have been earthquake proofed. Can also have such a "kinetic energy generator" system implemented right along the proofing materials from an earthquake.

Our Earth is constantly emitting a plethora of renewable green energy. If only we had the equipment to harness it all to live independent of centralized utility companies. Which in the later 21st century will be a throw back concept of the industrial revolution.

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