Monday, March 23, 2009

Water Conservation Concept: Water Utility Companies Use Switches For Lawn & Landscape Usages For Drought Areas.

Hello All,

(Sorry, about the mouthful concept title but there was no apt nifty title that has sprung to mind thus far.)

This concept of mine could possibly be implemented already if not just develop a switch to be installed at water utility sub-stations.

What this water utility switch can do is conserve water during water restriction hours. By a local county drought guidelines such as those in my home State of Florida. Since my home address ends in an "Odd" number than my water restriction day is on Thursday before 8:00am EST and after 6:00pm EST.

In order for water conservation purposes instead of hitting local residents and commercial businesses with water penalty fines. When they are using water during peak hours, whether by ignorance to the drought guidelines or in total disregard to them.

To have local water utility companies turn off the water tap for residential lawn and commercial landscape usage. During the aforementioned drought water restrictions imposed by a local municipality. I'm not stating to turn off water for any other usage be it for home residential, commercial business, or fire hydrant water pressure.

Just to avoid the needless use of water when its not supposed to be utilized due to drought restrictions. This is just "Common Sense". Unless local governments want to be further inefficient by levying costly water penalty fines on local residents as a source of income.

My own opinion why Florida is in year long drought restriction guidelines. Is that our population density has mushroomed beyond what is humanly manageable or sustainable by the environment itself.

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