Thursday, March 05, 2009

Renewable Energy Concept: Geo-Thermal Panels

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Instead of "solar panels" pointed towards our sun for capturing solar radiation to generate electricity. Let's go beyond such a limited idea in capturing heated energy. Why not create "Geo-Thermal Panels" that capture source energy emitted not just from the Sun, but from the Earth herself?

There are six viable sources of Geo-thermal energy I have concluded can be utilized. With variant locations mostly from human industrial locations that such Geo-thermal panels can be situated. They are as follows: Geysers (IE locations like Yosemite National Park), Hot Springs, Deep undersea Geo-thermal vents, near semi-active Volcanic regions, areas of controlled Fires, or on urban locations where concrete is in plenty of locales. (capturing the heat energy emitted by concrete during the day and evenings)

For those Geo-Thermal panels near a volcanic region. The panels can be cylinders that are buried into the ground so as to absorb the energy from within the Earth itself. Reducing the hazard of destroyed equipment if a major volcanic eruption occurs.

Other areas where Geo-Thermal panels can be located are in a Petro-oil refinery or on Oil drilling platforms. Where there are those spigots that are flaming torches venting excess energy for safety precautions. An array of Geo-Thermal panels can surround these spigots so as to absorb all this heat energy.

There can also be an artificial controlled fire locations with numerous fire safe systems in place. Where in a camp fire pattern an assortment of such Geo-Thermal panels can be located to capture all the heat from such a fire emitter platform.

Also industrial locations that emit "Steam" as a safety precaution similar to a oil refinery. There can be an array of Geo-Thermal panels to absorb all this heated water vapor energy being vented out.

That leaves with two final locations being power plants be they eclectic of nuclear sites. Along the Gulf Coast of the United States if not other warm temperate regions of the Earth. Where mammals such as Manatee's (Sea Cows) congregate for warmth from these artificially heated waterways. There can be an array underwater of such Geo-Thermal panels to be situated.

The last location is within the water retention tank of a Nuclear power plant. Where the radioactive cooling rods are stored. In such a pool along the wall lining of such a water retention tank have such Geo-Thermal panels located.

There is numerous uses for such "Geo-Thermal Panels", with the more locations the more green renewable energy to be had. I may have only scratched the surface of what is possible in deployed locales from such a technology.

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