Friday, February 13, 2009

Comic Book Art Concept: "Live Action Picture Stills As A Comic Book"

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Comic book's have been the pre-cursor to cartoons in America if not the world around us. Historically speaking they were invented around the 1930's during the Great Depression years. Where also "Superman" came as a beacon to audiences of that day needing a Hero during those trying times in America.

Believe it or not Hollywood has also realized this for nearly a decade now. Where high budget films based off of the Marvel or DC Comics universe of super heroes or villains has returned to awe and stun audiences alike.

My concept is to meld the comic book media with the sway of full color glossy picture stills. To follow in the foot steps of the current tradition of a comic book. But instead of hand drawn cartoon like graphics by great artists in their own right and generation. To insert full live action and real picture stills by a keen photographers eye. Of course if one is to mimic a Hollywood high budget film. One must include in the background scene CG (computer graphic) elements so as to spruce up the tale.

Such a "Live Action" comic book can include the same crop of famous celebrity talent that the current superhero films are famous for to date. The comic books can come printed in high glossy photo stock paper or come as an digital download or on a limited edition DVD series with numerous bonus features. (such as the production of the comic book, the behind the scenes footage, the history of such a story or how it was created.)

Once this medium of the "Next Generation" of Comic Books takes hold in popular culture. Than journalists can take hold of it in the old "Life Magazine" tradition. By depicting a story in photographic media to enlighten and educate audiences of all ages. Certain real world depictions can be a limited edition run covering the plight of the refugee victims in Dafur Sudan as an example. Where a portion of the retail proceeds goes to a charity be it the "United Nations" or whomever.

The "Live Action" picture stills comic book has a lot of potential to entertain as well as inform.

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