Friday, February 13, 2009

Electronic Feature Concept: The "Smart DVR"

Hello All,

Right now I'm a subscriber through my cable TV service of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Which if your not aware as of yet records and pauses live television broadcasts. So you don't have to be glued to the network or cable broadcasters telecast schedule. Besides a nifty and to die for feature is to fast forward past TV commercials that are often time consuming if not all too repetitive.

My concept today is to make perhaps that next series of DVR devices to include a "Smart Feature". Which the dilemma today that after one schedules a program to be pre-recorded. That many of such broadcasted content runs over its allotted time on TV. Whether this is due to a special announcement on rare occasions or more commonly squeezing too many TV commercials into the program that is airing that day. What this causes is the program that has been recorded at its climatic finale is cut off at the very end. Since the channel guide which is where the television program is scheduled to be recorded by in hour. Is always exact and down to the top of the hour or half past the hour with hardly a diversion in-between.

So my concept of a "Smart DVR" will recognize inherently when such a TV program runs over its allotted scheduled TV time. Where it will continue to record smartly the extra 30 seconds to up to a full 2 minutes where necessary. When a TV broadcaster cheats the channel guide schedule and runs over into the next scheduled programs airing time.

Mostly likely this "Smart DVR" feature will be dumb. Where future DVR software will just automatically add the additional recording time as needed per TV program. When in a future generation that digital detection software improves and catches an over run Tv program. It will kindly continue to record down to the very second that the Tv program truly ceases to be.

That is my desire from DVR developers to instill in these future devices yet to come into our homes or elsewhere.


  1. I'm surprised they haven't done this already.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog site Mr. Vaeni. Well if a "Smart DVR" feature hasn't been implemented yet. It'll be a no-brainer and someone will figure it out eventually.


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