Friday, February 13, 2009

Intellectual Property Concept: A Remake of Disney's Mary Poppin's

Hello All,

Right now out of Disney's vault of classical media content they are selling for a limited time on DVD the original "Mary Poppin's" movie in all its splendor.

So my idea is for gosh heck why hasn't Disney remade Mary Poppin's for this current generation of children young and old alike? It has remade so many of it's movie classics before, but why not this one?

In the remake of "Mary Poppin's" I have two actresses in mind. "Natalie Portman" is the chief contender for the lead role, but if she is unavailable than select "Christine Knightley". Also a cameo role appearance of "Dick Van Dyke" is a must and without question nor doubt.

However this remake move of "Mary Poppin's" is just a lead in to the children's animated series of the "Little Mary Poppin's". Which can air on the Disney Cable TV channel for young audiences.

The "Little Mary Poppin's" animated cartoon series for children. Will follow Mary Poppin's when she was just a child. How she flowered to be such an adorable human being with such a fairy God Mother enchantment to us all.

The animated series will convey tales of morality that will be both entertaining to children and instructive. Showing us all the back story of how Mary Poppin's came to be and why she is so full of compassion and sweetness.

This is an excellent opportunity for Disney to pursue. If only if they're leadership and imagination permit it during this time and era we're in together.

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