Sunday, December 07, 2008

Solar Power Concept / Prediction: Solar Powered Windows

Hello All,

The concept I offer today is practically a no-brainer that it moves itself into the realm of a prediction. Currently Germany has invested itself heavily into solar power panel manufacturing. They like many other engineers / inventors are looking for the next best solar panel.

My concept is that eventually solar power panels will become solar powered windows. Be they utilized for residential / commercial real estate or within all sorts of vehicles of transportation. These windows slash solar powered panels of tomorrow will be completely transparent as they are today.

They only difference is they'll have a chemical composition between the layers of the window pane. Similar to the make up of a LCD Tv (monitor) a liquid crystal chemical formula that will be an acting solar powered window. (panel)

This will be a boon to construction industries, be they for home residential usage or commercial real estate. Auto makers will also incorporate such a concept into their vehicle windows. Probably in an attempt to augment an existing electric automobile in it's capacity to generate electrical power as it is driven or stationary.

I am no engineer, I only consider myself as a "Oracle Imagineer" in developing these concepts strewn throughout my blog site dating back to 2005. With that clearly stated I'll Predict that such a concept of "Solar Powered Windows" will be created within 10 years from now.

Now to see how astute this concept / prediction is or how mistaken I was to make such a declaration.