Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mystical Thought: "We Are Genderless Souls"

Hello All,

I wanted to mix up some of the segments I post here in my blog site. So consider this the introduction of another segment that will be posted on a case by case basis. It will not be a common segment but it may appear later on in the future with another mystical thought.


How dare I say that our souls made in the Image of God(dess) are genderless or in other words "gender-neutral"!

Well I'll break down this mystical meta-physical truth for your intellectual consumption.

In the Judeo-Christian Bible it states that we are all made in the "Image of God". So do you suppose that God(dess) is fashioned only in the guise of a physically incarnated human being?

Being an all-inclusive deity God(dess) both with masculine and feminine natures is rather incarnated as all "Life" itself, including that of Spirit. As is often the case of the Holy Trinity for Catholics including the "Holy Spirit" (Ghost).

However allow me to digress back to the point of how can we be "Genderless Souls"?

Well since we are made in the "Image of God(dess)". Not as a corporal human being but as a Spirit fashioned in the likeness of our Glorious Creator. Our souls all have a shard of God(dess) him/her self within our very spiritual souls. That ethereal shard that is a piece of our maker God(dess) within all of us including all "Life" Itself. That sacred and wondrous piece of Divinity is "Genderless" or "Gender Neutral" within us.

Thus as we are fashioned in the Image and likeness of our Creator God(dess). Our Souls or Highest Self is truly without gender. Encompassing both natures of the masculine and feminine within our most Divine nature by Holy inheritance.

It is suppose to be a Holy paradox or conundrum of our meta-physical make up. That as we are borne into physical flesh with one gender anatomically. Our Soul fashioned with the likeness of God(dess) is genderless (gender neutral).

Knowing this sacred truth how could we as spiritual inheritors of the Kingdom of God. Mistreat our Soulful brothers and sisters that under human terms are: gay, lesbian, or transgendered?

Those that have a foreign sexual orientation to our own are not dissimilar to their very own Divine nature as a genderless (gender neutral) spiritual soul. To be hateful or fearful of our brothers and sisters that are gay, lesbian, or transgendered is to display our cruelest animal nature. Not as Humane Beings but as Barbarians.

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