Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Computer File Concept: Picture File Format 2.0

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Current computer file formats of pictures are of: gif, jpeg, bitmap, etc... All of which consist of a file name limited in text space, a thumbnail image, and the main picture itself.

What my concept introduces is the next evolution of a computer "Picture Format" into the 2.0 era. Taking the lead example of analog photographic paper be it of Kodak or Fuji. Where printed pictures all had a reverse side with a date stamp and additional space for some hand written comments.

Now imagine the Picture Format 2.0 that has a reverse side to it. By having a "Notepad" file attached to the reverse side of the next generation picture format. Where anything from comments to executable programs can be inserted into such a 2.0 picture format. Instead of programming code surrounding an inserted image. The image itself will have room for a program to operate akin to riding piggyback.

Taking all of the current features of a present picture format file as stated above and combining it with a reverse side, such as a "notepad" format file. Where the main picture itself on the bottom right hand corner when moused over will indicate where to reverse the picture. Getting at the notepad file format or perhaps another file format be it a self-contained spreadsheet program like Word or Excel.

This is where analog life can imitate digital life in a very convenient form.

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