Friday, October 10, 2008

FPS Game Design Concept: Anti-Exploit To Bunny Hoppers And Dolphin Diving

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This simple solution in game design for the FPS (first person shooter genre) is an anti-exploit initiative by players that spoil the game's balance of intended game play.

However before I begin allow me to explain what "Dolphin Diving" is in context to a FPS multiplayer game round. It is when a player in quick succession goes from a jump to a prone position in order to avoid an enemy player in virtual combat. Often considered an exploit, much like "Bunny Hoppers", which are players jumping rapidly to avoid defeat in game play when attacked.

Both bunny hoppers and dolphin diving defeat the overall fun of all concerned.

My simple solution to this dilemma which I've never seen fully implemented in FPS game design. Is for example, when a player makes a regular one time jump in game play there are no penalties. However if that same player makes subsequent 2nd, 3rd, and 4th jumps in a consecutive manner. Causes a players stamina depletion to decrease by 25% with each additional jump. Much like adding an extra 10 to 5 pounds of simulated equipment to the player that is bunny hopping. Where the players avatar will be physically exhausted just like depleting their "sprint bar".

A player going into prone position regularly is also fine which mimics realism in combat. But if a player goes from their first prone position to a successful jump that will deplete 50% of their stamina. Another such "Dolphin Diving" attempt will completely wipe out their personal stamina until it recovers normally. The higher stamina depletion versus that of a jumper is due to the combo exploit move of a prone to jump position or vice a versa.

So when an exploiting player in a FPS multiplayer round. Uses such unnatural physical acrobats will get them more likely killed in-game than saved during a virtual combat encounter.

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  1. It is quite funny, because of the bunny hopping I am sometimes able to survive entire Battlefield 2 matches.

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    A 2142T MERC.


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