Thursday, December 18, 2008

Electronic Games Concept: Audio Game Play

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The next phase of "Audio Game Play" will piggyback onto the smooth less introduction of text chat channels in a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game world. For example, In an MMO game world in the fashion and order that text chat channels are introduced into game play. IE: Local, Shout, Guild, Commerce (Buying / Selling), Help, Etc...

For each of the text channel listed above in "Audio Game Play" there will be an analogous audio channel to complement it to facilitate game play communications between players and Npc's (Non-Player Characters) via speech recognition dialogue software.

There can be cosmetic voice patterns per player avatar gender / race, so as to maintain atmosphere and game play immersion. Although there will be a technological hurdle in making each player voice unique in a fictitious voice pattern immersion. For example, not having all player male elf avatars all being a cloned voice of the other player or npc. By avoiding the temptation to cut corners in fictitious voice pattern immersion. And to create one cloned voice template for each gender and of each player race. That will get old very fast and become a laugh amongst the customer player community. Better yet still have each player voice unique so as to distinguish people in game play as it is mirrored in reality.

Game developers are already using propriety software in online game worlds. But are often sticking to conventional wisdom of the TeamSpeak or Ventrilo voice chat software. Not literally including the audio channels fully into a game world as contemporary text chat channels do presently.

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