Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mystical Thought: Our Souls Are Always In Heaven!

A Warm Holiday Greetings To All,

This is the next iteration of the "Mystical Thought" series. For those of you yearning for something with meta-physical depth to contemplate over in your mind's eye. Many of these mystical thoughts come to me in a flash whether they have occurred years ago or most recently. Most of my spiritual wisdom writings come to me in a flash as well. Through the medium of "automatic writing" where you allow to be guided by your intuition and not just your mind's ego.

Without a further adieu the topic of today is "Our Souls Are Always In Heaven!". (taken from my most recent spiritual statement #919)

919) As in the Image of God our Creator our Divine souls are in Heaven. Whereas our mortal human sentient bodies are on this Earth where we all co-habitat.
How can we as children of a Living Creator. Be like him and have our souls abode with his Holy Spirit in Heaven?
As we are in the Image of God(dess) as souls, not as humans. We are given this role to constantly abide with our maker in a Holy Realm we call Paradise.
Our souls qualify to reside in numerous dimensions at the same moment in eternity. Whereas we as humans are given the Grace through our spirits as a bridge to remember this glory once more in Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

(caveat: Souls are also permitted that are of a evil persuasion by free will to abide in Hell the Inferno as they please likewise.)

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