Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MMO Game Feature Concept & Prediction: MMO In-game Cable TV

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This suggested concept is wrapped into a probable prediction of the future of online games. Right now advertising inside online game worlds is occurring inside Anarchy Online free client version and the paid portion of Planetside. Eventually advertising inside MMOG game worlds will give way from billboards within the context of the game theme. To replacing those billboard channel outlets in-game to cable television outlets. Probably in the same spots where the billboards were placed previously in some cases. Point in fact like the space billboards placed by the stargates in Eve-Online.

Imagine a game publisher entering into a contract with a national cable Tv provider. Where like in busy US airports you see those short Tv spots of news blaring inside the gift shops & food court areas. Now picture inside the game world of Everquest 2 which is a fantasy setting. Where inside a npc tavern there is a magic portal that is actually the outlet of the Cable Tv channel in-game. Typically npc taverns are only used as quest areas and are almost always dead in activity inside.

Now picture Comcast cable Tv providing SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) live cable feeds to selected channels. Perhaps how they have a similar contract with hotel chains & resorts. Where "Headline News" in it's 30 minute spots plays in one locale inside the game world. Another could have a Tv Guide like informercial channel playing all the time.

There could be amphi-theaters inside a game world where certain real world concerts as a special event is showcased. Maybe an exclusive with a certain music concert or sports event to subscribers of this game world.

Do note inside these game worlds there is no "Tivo" (DVR's). So players inside these MMO game worlds can not fast forward past ads or cable Tv programming. They would be a hostage to the cable Tv ads in-game akin to pre-Tivo days. Since the Nielsen rating system is already stating that a lot of 18 to 34 year olds are watching less television and playing more electronic games. This concept & prediction would recapture these demographic groups outright. Ala being lassoed cowboy style as a consumer base that is now stampeding away.

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