Thursday, August 04, 2005

Commentary Prediction: VOD & MOD Concept

Hello All,

Let me go out on a limb here for the first time to state that VOD (Video on Demand) which is right around the corner nationally in the USA. Will also in one to three years include theatrical movie releases in part for this cable TV service. Right now in the media industry there is a term I've heard for the first time called a "Super Release".

Where a movie theater release would happen simultaneously on DVD and perhaps cable TV as pay per view. The reason being that movie box office sales are shrinking due to DVD sales and pirated movie downloads. So my prediction of a VOD super release of movies on cable TV wouldn't be much of a stretch within the time frame of one to three years from now.

Then there would be MOD's (a term I'm making up I guess), which would be like VOD. But, to include it as "Music On Demand" (MOD). Where as the recent "Live 8" concerts that sorta tanked in attracting attention upon release. Could much like a VOD service have a catalog of either music videos (audio's too), including concerts to be pulled up for viewing by the subscriber.

So picture MTV, VH-1, Music Choice having a MOD service for cable TV subscribers. That pull up on demand without any additional fee's a favorite album in audio (or a single track). A music video or concert under various search parameters much like a cable on-screen guide provides today.

That's what I'm predicting with VOD and potentially it's morphed cousin MOD as a concept.

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