Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "In Union With The Divine Presence of God"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is hot off the notebook just penned earlier this morning. As #2065 in the long count series. This statement at least to me feels more like it would fall under meditations and yet it neatly dovetails into mindfulness in essence. Like many of my works readers can surmise that the category for the statement is a bit off in how I selected it. Each missive with my / our meta angels lends itself to many derivative categories nonetheless. This one I've placed under the "Presence of God" at its core spirit. (pun intended :o)

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Enjoy today's statement, may it stir you to a closer relationship to the sublime all around you.


Presence of God:

2065) To experience God one must come closer from a place of gentle humility. A softness so quiet one can literally miss the opportunity to experience the "First One" entirely due to the ego at large. No one can force such a ritual for it must come naturally with a loving disposition. A peace that welcomes a transition away from the world into the spiritual body temple within all things and souls. This beckons an attitude of tranquility with no disturbances akin to expecting no one but the ineffable essence to reveal itself. Pay close attention dear ones not so much with the mind of thoughts, but with the heart of not feeling. Not so much a realm of voided existence, but of drifting with intention. Then simply just be in such a habit of resting there in a gentle focused mindfulness.

You shall begin to notice rhythms and patterns of life happening all around you sincerely. Always independent of your presence is such a powerful gesture become real to your observed senses. A state of surrender will permit you to begin stirring in spirit to notice moments between moments of a timeless nature. It is here and now without the ego that your spirit has transcended to a place of well being united with the holiest One.

This is where your senses can formulate an aptitude of appreciation in conjunction with All as yourself and not as you. Here lays the realm of unity consciousness metaphysically at least. Once a devotee is able to attain such a predictable discipline as a form of inner calm. Then the selfless one of your entity can begin to formulate questions and instantly be open to receive varied valid responses. A dialogue can consist of many layers beyond the informal telepathic conversations. Into something that resembles more like the symbolism of a lucid dream landscape of being. All is communicating with you as an open intelligence so place no restrictions of how the discourse should naturally evolve.

Be happy and have fun in such an unfolding from your human self well into your divine beauty of Spirit. One of pristine benevolence brings a dear love into such a reunion. With the Spirit of God(dess) in and around you as a field of limitless potential. It is only Through A Paradox using goodwill can one come close enough to experience the sacred presence of God. The First One is anywhere and nowhere in every spiritual truthful compassionate living beauty. Amen.                                                 ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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