Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Reader's Recommendation of "Jewels of Truth" Volume 3

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About a week or so ago a gentleman by the name of "Mr. Raghav Hegde" was kind enough to offer his thoughts via email about what he thought of my most recent book "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3".

Down below I'll repost his thorough assessment of my text according to his opinion. I was pleasantly surprised to receive his email from out of the blue. In his remarks it seems he has also read my 2nd Volume of the "Jewels of Truth" series as well. I sent him a follow-up email thanking him of course and asking what he thought of Volume 2?

In the meanwhile here are "Mr. Hegde's" thoughts on Volume 3:


Gave me Solace when I was in a dark frame of mind....
Because of how my life has turned out, and because of the fact that some of those who started at the same time as me, have today gotten much ahead of me, I was in a depressed state of mind recently. I reread Ivan A. Pozo-Illas a.k.a. Atrayo's  Jewels of Truth – Volume 2, and it gave me some peace of mind. Then I bought this book, “Jewels of Truth – The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3”. As I read the pearls of wisdom in this book, I felt the darkness and the sadness gradually melting away.

Some of the things in this book affected me deeply. For example, Atrayo explains what is “Courage” here...

“What is it to have courage? Is it to move mountains aside in spite of our fears? Courage is a process that can define a soul in order to help crumble difficult circumstances surrounding them. For there to be fear in our minds there must also be Hope in our hearts. Our convictions are what help us to define ourselves in life as a whole. Troubles will come in all sizes and solutions will appear in all places as well. The great practitioner of life knows how to create opportunity out of perils in order to surmount the ugly in life.” - Atrayo

What I learn from Atrayo is that “Courage” is not merely about a soldier in a war conquering his fear of death and fighting for his country. Courage is also about us ordinary men and women fighting our inner demons, conquering the dark thoughts in the mind and marching forward in our lives.

Another advise from Atrayo which I felt to be very important, at least for me, was on “Disappointment”

“When handling disappointment one must distinguish whether if the fault is your own or that of another person’s own action that has caused the initial grief. Do not claim as your own the fault of another person’s conduct. To do so cheats you of your own self-respect. Take responsibility only for yourself and not the actions of another without full consideration of what is at stake. Assuming the mantle as your brother’s keeper when your brother is of ill repute only invites misery.” - Atrayo

There is also a lot of common sensical advice in this book....such as on dealing with “Fools”

“When you deal with foolish people be on your guard always. For all they need is one opening and you’re off to the races of idiocy. Only one other thing is far more dangerous than a fool in a role of responsibility. It is a cunning back stabbing fool in all regard. Please just give them a wide swath of space to hang themselves by their own misdeeds. That by stepping in only when others get entangled in their web of trickery causing harm in all directions. Otherwise become not the innocent fodder to the fool.” - Atrayo

I hope I have done justice to the book in this review. There is so much about it that I want to tell the readers, but can't for the lack of space. Atrayo's “Jewels of Truth” has helped me get through a moment of darkness, for which I am grateful.


I stated Wow! to myself. His writing beyond his sentiments are gladly appreciated during this time. 

Thank you once again Raghev for your kind input about my written work. 

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