Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Love Without End, For It Is Constant"

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Now that the Summer heat is starting to take hold and here in the State of Florida where I reside the rainy season is commencing. Those in the middle to southern portion of California have been experiencing now a three year drought. However not unlike Florida contributing factors to such a drought is over population of the State itself. Including underlying factors of aging infrastructure causing leaks of various scales. Besides other variables of wasted water by not valuing it as a commodity due to its cheap retail price. I have heard of the disgrace of utility water being shut off to residences in the surrounding metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan. Mostly due to skyrocketing costs, leaving households in the lurch with little to none recourse.

This isn't the America I remember growing up in, this sounds more like the America of history books of the Great Depression era. The sad joke is we're calling this period the so called Post-Great Recession, more like our lost Decade starting in late 2007.

This is the time probably more than ever with our spiritual siblings on a global scale. To love deeply versus giving in easily to despair and every other form of Fear Mongering. Politicians just love in a sadistic manner to push our buttons treating us like sheep scaring us into submission at times. Although aren't these elected or appointed leaders our present day shepherds? How much of the rod should we be receiving, versus being guided to a better place?

Nonetheless by loving deeply we choose consciously or unconsciously to circumvent the triggers of suffering in our lives. Those bravest that love in the sheer sight of horror are the holiest amongst us. Only if our leaders loved more by empowering us, rather than lusting for control in whatever form they are pleased to do.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement as #1981 in the series. (getting close to 2,000 after writing or channeling now 21 years time) Is on the topic of Love how stating its blind is only Half the Truth. Besides that God's love is so pure that Karma was brought into the world. To give us balance or moderation in order to maintain love from slipping into pure hate.

May these spiritual insights ignite your wise understanding of our very souls in union with the divine. Amen.



1981) For those that state: "Love is Blind". Are only speaking half a truth in principal. Love needs not eyes to see into our very lives or into totality as a whole. For love sees into our unique albeit common souls from the mountain top of Heaven's highest pinnacle we lovingly call God. What love is blind to in circumstance is often frivolous from the perfect clarity of an optimistic truth. Which is about to be birthed into reality through goodwill by those persons or the force of providence involved. For love to be blind it must consider transitory remarks and conclusions as unimportant.

What matters to love is seen by the capable wisdom of love. A dynamic that transcends fools and the stupidity of a confused Earth. Often the foolish are hijacked unknowingly by true love to become unwittingly accomplices for a righteous outcome. If love does fail, this becomes then a shallow conditional love based on fickle or capricious demands.

True or noble love is everlasting next to the "The Word of God". Falsehood in love is often conditional aims that flicker out as quickly as it began in pure truth. Be wise enough to understand that a lasting love goes without conditions always. Even a "Tough Love" seeks to heal by jolting the ones needing to move onto a better place in life. If tough love seems to dictate to you demands, purely it only seeks your highest good, by whatever means you define it and not them. An unconditional love lives in moderation as a sort of safety net baseline. For moderation avoids obsession which can easily turn into addiction or worse as pure hate without checks and balances along the way.

The "Love of God" from God(dess) brought us "Karma" as his / her own form of moderation for all life forms that live within Creation. This gives us balance by revealing to ourselves the truer exquisite balance in Heaven miraculously from within our holy being. For we are holy that love with God in life. What love is blind to isn't worth its attention over time. If consequences do arise then it will be settled gently in respect to all who are stakeholders. Love heals for it punishes no one ever, however love teaches all in humility equally so in a powerful grace. Without true unconditional love in moderation there would be no benevolence or heaven to speak of much less a nurturing God(dess) as our Creator.

The "Holy Light" demands light to be perceived through the spirits of all beings be they noble or not as incarnated or as ghosts. Those that truly love as the Saints, Sinners, and Atheists always carry the presence of God(dess) within them miraculously so in a fullest compassion. This is always by Divine Law as the "Will of God". Amen.
                                                                                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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