Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jewels of Truth Series Hits Its 2,000th Statement!

Hello All,

It was only five and a half years ago I proclaimed here on this blog of "Atrayo's Oracle" that I completed my "1,000th Statement" (Link) of the "Jewels of Truth" series. Well I've repeated the feat once again about three days ago with a whole lot of help from my heavenly friends the Angels. :o) I continue to stay true to to this inner bliss like the tempo beat of my soul. Since December 2009 when I completed my first 1,000th spiritual wisdom statement I had only one small book of the series published. Now in 2015 two additional volumes are published and this discourse only continues to pour out of me like the living waters of Heaven.

So thank you for visiting this isolated oasis on the great desert we know and love as the Internet. Thank you for resting awhile and reflecting on your divinity with God and our shared grace with each other in life. Below is spiritual wisdom statement number 2,000 on the topic of Genius. Enjoy.

Vaya con Dios y Amor. (Go with God and Love)



2000) For every genius is a fool of another sort of a hard to fathom person. To what avails them can often be finely called madness at the edge of reason and known logic. And yet a genius as a man, woman, or child drives many into the unknown out of sheer curiosity seeking to create wonders. Although not all wonders are worth creating especially if they are far from truly benevolent in nature. Humanity needs not another weapon to destroy itself with in whatever future way of life. For the benevolence that empowers all within seeks to yield to a far flung promise that again may not be fully realized in the world. For it isn't well understood with the platform of invented simplicity for the unprepared minds. Too much complication that can't be easily articulated to the ignorant power brokers and the ordinary person and the genius is discarded as a fool.

To be a fool isn't wrong, it is to comprehend genuine truths before all the rest. The foolishness of brilliant minds and hearts sets you apart from a world a century or more in time from your present brilliance. That is if you do not succumb to evil just to be seen and heard in the worst case of negative attention. Such a genius leads easily to tyranny of another name such as a devil incarnate. Infamy isn't the best manner to be remembered for one's genius.

Again be well honed to expect misunderstanding of your intentions to attempt to do good in the world. Although never travel on this Earth voyage alone do teach those with a humble potential. For they may betray you if they are vain at heart so select them wisely as your stewards. Those who you impress as friend and colleague will support you when you deliver success to their political or financial supporters. Worry not yourself whether they completely understand the depth of your diligent capacity to create. Just be yourself in silent inner poise, but not to the point you lose yourself within the ivory tower of the mind. For this world is a fickle place filled with clowns, heroes, and villains. Your foolishness has no place amongst those clowns. The clowns are merely the blind ones, but you see visions of untamed horizons. As I see you as the children of Heaven come alive when good is your beautiful response to this world. Amen.                                 ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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