Monday, June 15, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Enlightenment Is Beyond Good & Evil"

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The Summer heat wave is upon us here in the States, especially in my sunny Florida. The dignity of having a working air conditioner is a remarkable blessing to have. Those that work outside, boy must need hydration and protective clothing or sunscreen is essential. You have my humblest appreciation of your work in the grueling heat outside be it in landscaping, construction, hospitality, etc...

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Enlightenment. Which I penned back in late May of this year in the series at #1974. We always have had the assumption through the benevolent master of the Buddha. That enlightenment could only be achieved through benevolence alone for all dignified life plural. Well I channeled via automatic writing from my Angelic teachers a surprising contradiction to this general assumption. For myself it is right controversial to state much less agree to in realization. I personally I'm still reconciling the elements of what I have channeled within a benevolence based upon clarity of the soul within.

Nonetheless the Angelic teacher at this juncture draws parallels on how God accomplished the feat as the prime example. The "Way Showers" of all way showers as it is above so it is below. I always channel numerous angels many of whom choose to remain in complete humility without a name. Whomever is meant to be the heavenly messenger I receive the meaning and the words verbatim. The writing always appears in my personal style, but the sentence structure differs from my everyday usage. I started automatic writing in 1995 and have continued for these 20 years in the discourse you know as the "Jewels of Truth" series.

On this topic I presume many of you will balk and disagree with, I know I had difficulty accepting it as well. Besides that point consider this a primer of exposure on what could be to the enlightened soul in the afterlife.



1974) With all things in life comes recognition of either if it was good or evil in occurrence. Not always but sometimes the good things happen in a intertwined fashion during rough patches as the bad times in life and vice a versa. Life can be a series of encounters many of which are intended to be complicated by people and circumstances on purpose. There are no accidents in such incidents from the perspective of the angels as the pure event driven orchestrator's. For metaphysically good and evil are two focal points as the passage of life and death through encounters. Be these encounters personal or impersonal in nature, they are localized and non-local points of contention to propel all to ascend and shift through their perceptions of life.

God, the Greatest Creator is also the Great Observer or the Immaculate Witness in utter pure neutrality. He the "Lord God" witnesses all in our very souls through every experience ever surrounding us continually. This is possible because he God has complete symbiosis with Totality as his Grandest Self. For God(dess) as the essential Source of all inhabits a realm of non-localized reality or dimensional space. Making Him, Her, and It in exuberant form totally linked to all absolutely. Thus a complete paradox in expression is found and achieved as a corridor function. That he the "Lord God" of all gods & goddesses can co-exist in totality simultaneously as a living dynamical principal.

For God(dess) has mastered his/her own purified ethos of being true in divine essence beyond that of the polarities of good and evil itself. To be truly enlightened as an entity soul one must subjugate good and evil within one or a series of lifetimes completely in their sacred spirit. This affords ascension naturally to occur by following the precepts of how God emphasized the process. By how he accomplished simultaneously this feat for his own essence in a remarkable and beautiful truth. This becomes the standard conviction for all masters attaining self-mastery of their own ethos. Through being alive and dead simultaneously to the lowest and highest Self achieving total neutrality in spiritualized form.

Those who in eternal spirit as souls be they reincarnated or not as entities. Can accomplish after numerous incarnations dependent on the very comprehension of the entity soul. Be they good of heaven or evil in wickedness in hell can overcome themselves to find enlightenment truly so. Which as I stated earlier is beyond singular just good or just singular evil to become renewed. Through self-mastery of the sacred "Spirit of God" therein having achieved for totality such a truth before hand. Paves the way for all souls to reach for this sterling plateau of the self in essence. To be the minor deities of the realms plural be they heavens and hells simultaneously in principal. All the souls created by God have the combined inheritance to be minor gods and goddesses in spiritualized form. The paradox enters upon reincarnation to become flawed creatures in truth. Always struggling to awaken beyond the shell of the body to return to the pristine essence of the spirit within.

After such a miraculous feat of eternal self-mastery beyond good and evil then such an enlightenment process will commence. This affords the entity soul to be completely utterly neutral in life and death just like the Immaculate Witness of God. Exactly as it is willed by Divine Law in every codex of the heavens and hells in spiritualized phenomena. Such an entity soul achieving enlightenment cancels out their former self in a prior manner of just good or just evil. They commence by free will to aid God(dess) the source of all in a renewed expression as the sacred arbitrators to this beautiful truth forever more. Amen.                                                                                                    ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

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