Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Counter Culture Concept: "Popular Artistic Hack of Mass Media"

Hello All,

This month's conceptual design is more so an evolution of the underground culture of fandom alter existing popular entertainment media. Be it to splice Images, soundtracks, audio dialogue editing, and video editing at large. Yes, this is possible with today's video editing technology, but its not so much a cultural modality of expression amongst digital artistic youth. This is what I envision could be in the years to come whereby popular mass media, such as: movies, television episodes, documentaries, commercials, music albums are all Artistically Hacked. Not just by re-sampling a song here or there as by DJ's (disc jockeys) or other popular singers.

This is more to do with rearranging wholesale segments of popular media. Remember the days of the Tv series called "Mystery Science Theater 3000"? How the shows host and the robotic sidekick lampooned or riffed against the lousy B-Movies playing on the theater screen. Well consider this a artistic hack by riffing entire video productions as sources of entertainment. In Digital Shredding the source material and inserting ones own style or brand of art in its place. For example this will annoy if not excite sci-fi nerdom for sure. Take any "Star Wars" movie and re-score the musical soundtrack in the movie by syncing it with the appropriate action scenes. Using a movie musical soundtrack from a "Star Trek" film. If done respectfully it'll be appreciated and feeling the movie musically in a different dimension than the original work by a film studio. Another example take the 1996 musical film of "Evita (1996 film)" with Madonna playing the lead role of "Eva Peron". By tossing or shredding the entire soundtrack and inserting music from "Rihanna or Beyonce" into it.

Other examples of digital shredding as an artistic hack is editing out a lead or secondary film movie role. Let's say still picking on Star Wars by removing "Han Solo" and reinserting "Indiana Jones" instead into the hacked movie. It'll take work to sync up usable action moves and thus creating new (sometimes animated) action moves with a digitized rag doll of the actor. If importing one movie's popular lead actor isn't your thing. How about taking an amateur actor and inserting their role into an existing film. Playing the lead or supporting cast role shredding existing scenes or creating fresh cut-scenes by hacking the film.

A third example is sampling from my own concepts one of which I posted here in July 10th, 2013. Called "One Song, Multiple Lyrics" whereby the lyrics of a popular song are tossed or shredded completely. Giving new song writing talent a chance to recycle an existing song, perhaps inserting it into another genre of music altogether. Take your pick of any song by keeping the exact instrumentation, but just gutting the words to the song. Nothing is sacred be it National Anthems to church music to nursery rhythms, just pick a song and Artistically Hack it.

A fourth example can be to leave the musical score in place and the video images. Just to partially or completely rework the dialogue in the movie itself. Show your prowess to either spoof the entire voice acted scenes or take it seriously and show one's talent for screen writing. By using an unknown talent pool of aspiring actors to be super imposed onto an existing movie or Tv series episode.

A fifth example to really mess or Artistically Hack a film by inverting its movie plot entirely. Take the recent movie of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies". By doing a mind bender and making the villainous orcs win against the forces of good against the dwarves, elves, and men. Tolkein fans will call this sacrilegious, but with Artistic Hacks using Digital Shredding there are no sacred cows.

In many ways this is an evolution of the "Machinima" genre of grass roots video artists. Taking inspiration from video games and reworking scenes in video acting, sound effects, dialogue, plot, etc... Nothing will be taboo to the underground artist hacker trashing existing portions of popular mass media. As genuine modes of self-expression by the upcoming generation to lay their influence onto the world. Perhaps using it for activism, if not hackivism to promote artistically their ongoing struggles in whatever society they are in the world. Reworking: race, politics, religion, economical classism, sexual orientation, sports, additional lifestyle choices, etc... in their own Image and Likeness. Be it a surge of cultural identity or an ongoing manifesto seeking a voice for the voiceless. Of course just to bull shit is fine as well by not taking the world so seriously can be the most sane of all. 

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