Monday, April 06, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Guard Our Compassionate Givers With Care"

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I hope for all my Judeo-Christian readers you're enjoying Passover for the remaining days of the week. Also, the day of Easter that just completed yesterday in observation with celebrations. Even all the Pagans or Wiccans where the rabbit is a symbol of good fortune and fertility from ancient times.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is a no-brainer for some, although for others it may very be a taboo topic to broach. That is the compassionate caregiver in our society that if not for their ardent presence much of society would become unglued. Caregivers can run the gamut from taking care of the elderly, the young, those seeking sobriety from addiction, and in hospice for the dying. Caregivers are often times relatives, but they can be the med tech in a hospital to a nursing home, if not some other affiliated health care worker.

Now that much of the Western and parts of the Eastern world such as Japan are graying in demographics. The younger generations will be forced to step up, perhaps whether they want to or not. In families and those electing to make it a vocation because the demand is high career wise. Since very few are hiring in other sectors although that could be a grand mistake if your heart and mind aren't in it.

Nonetheless the Compassionate Caregiver from the lowly young lady that is easily ignored to the socially awkward young man with the heart of gold. These are angels in disguise that need care as much as they care for others even to the point of burnout. My following statement #1920 in the series is a shout out to all kindred souls as caregivers be it with people and even animals in shelters or elsewhere. Namaste for your living grace come alive in your love, which is the vibrant presence of God, whether realized or not.



1920) All compassion in action requires a solemn giver and receiver of grace. Often times compassion flips the roles of the giver and the receiver all throughout the process of showering grace. When compassion is returned with fear based emotions than one is dealing with a fractured person in spirit. Compassion offered will be seen as weakness to dominate the giver by turning their ideals against them akin to falling on one's sword.

Be wary when a heartless man, woman, or child sees you as a fool. Please take additional measures to avoid being exploited and become the next socially viable victim of a heartless predator in spirit. When the abuse is given to the compassionate giver with an inflated sense of importance lo and behold the trap is almost sprung. The horror can be cruel treatment if not worse as to physical malice by a so called loved one or a stranger one is serving.

Only with a robust network of fellow loved ones can help the one person endure in seeking compassion for themselves. By decompressing from the daily stress exposed to in such a role of a caregiver in living and at times loving the ones in need. Many are screaming in pain even at times the caregivers screams loudest by not knowing how to Ask for support and help all throughout the process. Only those by the convictions of their ideals are the strongest in courage to surmount such agony of the spirit within. For to go it alone is a recipe of creating a living hell in isolation without a therapeutic circle in living. To become vulnerable through service is no crime it may very be a living miracle if done appropriately.

Those having an immense emotional compassionate heart that hardly acts with a balanced mind. Can inadvertently sabotage their raison d'etre for all compassion needs reason and logic of the mind with creativity in action. It takes a group effort to heal the afflicted with life in whatever modality they are having difficulty with in circumstance. Vanity becomes an Achilles heel if one pretends that a strong demeanor will shield you from all the heartache to be experienced. The best medicine is unconditional love for oneself in moderation and especially to those in need. With an ample dose of forgiveness that learns the lesson by not repeating it in earnest. Give because it is required of you, but how you give spells everything about you, more than you can ever realize in a full lifetime. To parry as a caregiver isn't a sin, it may be indeed a saving grace in the psyche and within one's spirit. Amen.                                                                          ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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