Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Empty Words Make For Foolish Discourse"

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Here in the Western world, perhaps even in some highly developed Eastern countries there is what is known as the 24 hour news cycle. Where the free or highly slanted news press shares at times what could be construed as plain ideological propaganda.  This is where the talking heads are often referred to as Pundits be they a guest or the host themselves on a news show. The days of showcasing fairly opposing views together on a news spot has been lop sided for far too long. Where the one dissenting view as a guest is seated next to two or more regular contributors with objecting viewpoints in a news talk show.

I won't go into naming network names since that defeats the purpose of this "Jewels of Truth" statement #1593. This may not be purely spiritual wisdom, however it may be more so secular wisdom. Still I hope it engages you the reader or wisdom seeker. To think and consider the circus that at least televised news journalism has become a notorious gossip mill in regards to punditry.



1593)  All pundits by their sheer discourse are either of a sound clever mind or are self-serving blowhards. Excited by how they say something more than what it literally means to the masses. Allowing sound bites to rule the moment if not the day just to entertain more than to persuade. A charismatic pundit is a dangerous beast indeed one making no reservation to spew their judgements at large. Authority figures in their own minds for to challenge such a pompous fool is to lower yourself to their inane arena.

All pundits are there to ultimately serve the agenda of themselves, if not worse their employer. The more they speak the more they blather empty words that make them sound big to the ignorant. Talking heads that make accusations come and go by the times and are a dime a dozen. A twist of the phrase sounds agreeable, but be wary of what you are actually agreeing to in part or the whole stance of the issue at hand.

Only true commentators that share more than just opinions, but genuinely share knowledgeable insights and wisdom are to be valued. They heed with intelligent consideration the well balanced thoughts of opposing ideological arguments. That seek not to divide and conquer in debate thus avoiding an off-balanced polarized argument for sensational cheap applause alone. But to literally to enlighten and educate without self gain, lest a well hone and deserved reputation with the public viewer. These are the men and woman to listen and care what they adjudicate by common sense for all to hear and see. Do consider their inherent bias when it comes to their values. Be they openly professed or held close to the vest just in case they don't contradict themselves in public. Amicable terms may not always be offered, and yet getting to the near root of the matter in question is no less important.

Otherwise we'll all be dazzled by the charades of pundits seeking to awe us into stupidity at first chance. Be not willful cattle in not developing your own well informed independent thinking. Only a well informed society be it democratic or otherwise will secure itself a near truthful reality.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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