Thursday, October 03, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "All Noble Strength Comes From Within"

Hello All,

Since I'm finding my pace to posting at least three times a week at my various outlets. Where I share my written works of spiritual wisdom for our combined spiritual upliftment. Today I penned #1590 in the series on the topic of Strength. That a person's true source of strength at least meta-physically comes from God as our ethereal manna from Heaven.

I hope as the world of which our spirits in unity find difficulty with each other. That we remember the source of all things blessed can only be achieved by our unified determination for good works. Lest that ideal we may achieve success in the world, but it shall be fleeting and transitory every single time. Only with the Divine for those of an active faith in God can find lasting solutions in our shared troubled world.



1590)  All strength comes from within, no matter if it comes from the body or the heart. For to focus solely on your talented strengths gives little room for anything else that is false to enter. Like staring at a mighty sun all else is blotted out from your vision. By developing your positive nature first you are given strength, power, and opportunity to grow. Be well in such a place so you may enjoy the course your life may take. Do not fall victim to petty egotistical thinking of being superior to your peers. For your peers may very well be skilled in a talent that your inferior at in practice. No one man or woman is perfect like an Angel. People may become near perfect in forms that foster excellence, but that is all. In focusing upon your strengths or talents first you also inadvertently improve your weaknesses to a relative degree as well. This becomes a "Win / Win" scenario with your own self overall.

Be still by practicing your abilities in moderation the reward means your sanity stays at its own pace. There is no need to force outcomes or rush blindly into places where you are ill prepared to encounter. Like any well versed athlete your breath as a pump must be used as an ally. Not haphazardly in a mindless fashion all will be revealed when you live by your truest inner tempo. The rest as the finer details will resolve themselves on a case by case basis.

Be true to your heart first, than allow your logical and analytical mind to sift for gold, like an ardent gold prospector. For to lead with your intellectual mind becomes a travesty by divorcing you from your union with God and the Divine. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

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