Monday, October 28, 2013

Consumer Novelty Product Concept: "Insect Catch & Release Trap"

Hello All,

In just a couple days from now many will be celebrating "Halloween" at least here in the Western world. Notorious for creepy crawlies of all sorts as freaky insects that menace unsuspecting travelers. Well forget all that for today's concept isn't about "All Hallow's Eve", nor is it intended as a spoof.

Those of us who are spiritual practitioners (such as buddhists) or better yet abhor taking a life even if its a minuscule insect. Than today's concept is for you. First, I did a cursory search for a consumer product that may even be relatively close to this idea of mine. All I found was a link for a non-lethal way not to kill a mouse. Since last I checked a mouse isn't an insect, although still a pest. That contraption didn't count against today's "Insect Catch & Release Trap".

I did discover a brief abstract at the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) by an author named "Liu,Y.B." submitted back in 2004. (Link) A Version of an Non-Lethal Insect Trap

However I may be a designer of innovative concepts, albeit I'm not a graphical artist nor an engineer. Since you'll notice a lack of pictures here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site. I leave it to the readers Imagination via how books in the genre of fiction are often laid out. With that stated and out front this invention of a "Insect Catch and Release Trap". Would need a series of competing functional designs to see which one works as a universal trap. Be it for both small to medium sized bugs that are terrestrial land based and also flight capable. Unless of course 2 insect catch and release traps are settled upon as a consumer product line. One for the aforementioned creepy land crawlers and another for those pesky flying dive bombers as insects.

I did experiment with one potential idea that differs from the USDA one linked above. Consider it as a mismatched implements that proved moderately successful in capturing a flying moth and a small spider. I used one of those take-out Cantonese plastic soup containers with a regular ink jet sheet of printing paper. Although both the captured moth and small spider were on a flat surface in my household. Making sure not to allow the sheet of flat paper to wobble and create an opening when moving outside to release the insect. Otherwise it's back to square one with a flying insect that manages to escape your rescue attempt on its life.

My brief household field experiment was successful although making a true prototype of this make shift contraption I hobbled together. Will take a firm working out the kinks if it were to mimic a chamber like the Cantonese plastic soup container in size. With a retractable flap that is secured in place that is still enough not to wobble during transit outside for an insect release.

I do have like Five potential product disclaimers for consumers to keep in mind when using such a novelty product.

1) That such a "Insect Catch & Release Trap" for lack of a better fancy marketers product name. Is not a replacement to a full fledged fumigation if needed in a household. Especially if a health hazard is present with a full blown infestation of bugs. This is common sense, but you never know some people seem to lack such foresight.

2) That such a product will not protect a user from an insect bite.

3) *There are no guarantee's you can capture said land based or flying insect.

(*However there is a higher probability of safely capturing and releasing an insect. With such a lab and field (household) tested consumer product than going it on your own. Instead of using mismatched implements as an improvised insect catch and release chamber trap. By risking your chances of inadvertently killing the insect by mistake.)

4) This product would only be suitable for small to medium sized insects that are land to aerial based.

5) For larger insects such as spiders or scorpions best to either leave them alone or call a pest control professional for assistance.

Those are the 5 legal disclaimers I could envision that would limit some product liability when in use by consumers.

In regards to marketing as an advertising campaign for this novelty product. Perhaps utilize an animation of how and where best to capture flying or land based insects using this product within the home. The televised, Internet, or print media utilized can be comical to lure in (pun intended) consumers as first time purchasers.

Otherwise this unique solution as it was devised in a spirit of goodwill. To aid spiritual or secular pacifists that abhor taking a life, even if its that of a minuscule insect. In this light I Dedicate this Concept to "Nature Spirits". Be they considered as: Fairies, Ancestor Souls, Angels, or what have you in the grand scheme of abundant Life. As my own spirit guides as teachers have told me "Life is Life".

*For those that seek to use alternative means to deter insects please read this article over at PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). (Link) Natural Pest Control Measures

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