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Land Mine Removal Concept: "Heat Ray Land Mine Remover" (HRLMR)

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I often muse about what futuristic military platforms may look like in purpose. I often try to marry an existing need to how it can be made from contemporary practical solutions. So with that said I remembered years ago the "U.S. Army" was doing a media publicity campaign about the heat ray crowd control invention, which was mounted on a humvee jeep. It's actually called the "Link: Active Denial System", which it looks like a mirror array situated on top of the humvee jeep roof. The bulk of the payload electronics is placed in the trunk or boot of the humvee jeep.

Currently according to wikipedia the "Active Denial System" has undergone a 2nd generation which is capable of being mounted to an aircraft, as in the "ADS II". The ADS first came to public awareness in 2007 via the aforementioned public media campaign. However it was in 2002 that it was in development for the U.S. Army. Nowadays local police departments are seeking to procure this crowd control heat ray to quell unlawful riots or street protests. It was deployed on the prison grounds in "Los Angeles" overlooking the exercise yard to stop any brawls between inmates.

My concept as a heat ray land mine removal platform is to retool this mobile application. Where on human usage the heat ray had to be toned down to feel like an intensely hot oven burst on people. However if the military did reconsider this as a land mine removal application the heat intensity would need to be vamped upwards. So as to cook a landmine buried on the ground surface, where it subsequently explodes. Without putting into jeopardy any sort of land mine ordinance squad or a local bomb squad in a police capacity.

There are certain companies such as "Link: Mine Seeker" that specialize in aerial ground penetrating radar mapping of land mine fields in 3rd world countries. However my "Heat Ray Land Mine Remover" concept goes a step further in placing such a retooled ADS platform on a drone vehicle. Be it a drone M-WRAP jeep (the next generation jeep after the humvee developed by the U.S.) or an aerial drone such as a helicopter that is remotely controlled. Something that can maintain a stationary controlled stance whilst deploying the heat ray land mine remover.

In the case of a drone helicopter it could simultaneously map a land mine field on the ground. Then run subsequent "mowing the lawn" sweeps to remove land mines with an on board heat ray payload. If a drone isn't capable of carrying out such an application with this platform. Than perhaps a manned helicopter such a black hawk with the payload and a technician in the personnel transport compartment. The VTOL (vertical take off and landing) of an OSPREY aircraft could have a similar configuration as a manned operation of the "Heat Ray Land Mine Remover" (HRLMR).

If the M-WRAP jeep was used instead a Chinook helicopter or a OSPREY could fly in the mobile platform to the site of a land mine field. That was of course previously aerially mapped as a designated zone for demining of "Unexploded Ordinance" (UXO).

Many global NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) such as: MAG (Mines Advisory Group), PTPI (People To People International) started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959, United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), if not countless noble NGO's in such operations. May benefit from such a platform be it leased or used in liaison with military trainers and/or personnel. Of course there would need to be tight export controls that such a heat ray mobile platform doesn't fall under the wrong hands. To be used brutally by a 3rd world despotic regime against their own people during civil protests. Be it the original "Active Denial System" or one if adopted just for land mine removal under my concept. Without ant sort of retooling would literally cook people from inside out if not wearing any reflective clothing as a protective measure.

Countries that may benefit from land mine removal operations are the: Sudan, Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, just to name a few. Currently measures to remove land mines usually put highly trained personnel directly into harms way. Be they a land mine removal squad, that include canines that are trained to sniff out land mine explosive material. Assorted military vehicles such as the traditional land mine crawler with a rotary multi-link chains to till the land mine field. Or other human intensive operations, where my concept of the "Heat Ray Land Mine Remover" (HRLMR). Can minimize direct involvement if conducted with a drone vehicle or a turret like mobile platform that is air or ground based.

I hope my international readers to my blog site "Atrayo's Oracle" be they in a position of influence take note I have since 2005 offered similar military technological concepts as well. Usually to address dilemma's facing our modern military forces out in deployment.

I thank you for interest and time in enjoying this site of mine.

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