Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "World Peace is God's Peace"

Hello All,

I hope many of you are found in a sacred place of well being. If not, return to the Source of all things which is your Holy place within your own soul. Seek communion with yourself and that of your Angels with God. Then simply love all that is of yourself, people in your life (both cherished & despised), and the world that is beyond your own control. Allowing an attitude of surrender to wash over you in seeking tranquility from our crazy world. Forgive as needed to heal and recover your own sanity, truly I mean it.

Today's topic is my most recent "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement. Now that I'm reaching the tail end of writing Volume 4, which is far from book form. This is in the series of #1420 on the topic of "World Peace". Basically stating that for this Earth or the world itself to ever have a collective peace amongst all people and nations. A grand majority must have experienced and have a loving relationship with the Divine. Be it any benevolent religion, spiritual tradition, or secular philosophy known or unknown to humanity in this chaotic 21st century to date. Only then a collective of souls can reach a critical mass of achieving "God's Peace as World Peace". Otherwise we're stuck with the carbon copy version of humanities peace, which is often filled with tension and frayed at the corners.



1420) Peace is peace is peace. However only God's peace is eternal. Without inequity it is flawless without stain like no other brilliance beyond that of heaven itself. To find God's peace is easy, yet it takes a mountain of courage to pursue. Often casting the seeker(s) into a deeper introspective journey of self discovery like no other in life. To find God's peace all one must accomplish is to love unconditionally. Simply love yourself without conditions, love your neighbor and your enemies. Doing so in moderation so as to not over exert the internal spiritual exercise, nor obstruct the principal from your daily habits.

God's Love is his everlasting peace become whole and manifested within all souls. Those of worldly proclamation must undone centuries of guile, and become humble like children. Diplomats within nations must not lose their faith in all that is gracious in God(dess). All must have first experienced a True Love in a personal relationship with the Divine. Sought after like a dynamically alive touch stone in all reality where perseverance proves the truth of a greater benediction to come. Until that time that humanity evolves as a collective species spiritually speaking. We shall all languish together under the sun, attempting to build the Holy in our lives, and in our children's lives to come in all sincerity. Only until a new majority takes hold for the common good with a societal engineered construct of compassion. Can we build together a stronger pure hope that one day "World Peace, becomes God's Peace" for all creatures both small and large of this Earth. Absolute Love would have it no other way. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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