Thursday, February 07, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Freedom Without Justice Is Hollow"

Hello All,

As the month of Feburary is already upon us in this New Year. We've already celebrated "National Freedom Day" this past Feb. 1st. Where "President's Day" will come in a week or so this Feb. 18th at least those of us here State side in America. Today I wish to share with all of you a topic on Governance from my "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series numbered at #1393. It's main theme for any realized democracy in the world that without justice there is no real freedom within any society.

May you all ponder the implications of such a truth especially in our daily lives.



1393) Those seeking freedom in all its earnest forms must soon realize that without justice to enjoy them. There is no true freedom, only a shallow guise that mimics the essence of freedom. No true liberty, nor happiness will be found in any lasting endeavor. Only a tyranny by another name that may best be left unspoken. For to call its name invites mockery although no lie has been spoken.

Justice invites good order by hopefully sensible and reasonable laws for the people of any society. Short of this, a society will have the motions of public governance, but at a cost of a person's respected dignity. Be keen the children to come to learn the follies of your elders. Repeat them not, lest you reap the misery for another generation of souls for another era in time. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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