Monday, August 06, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On Conflict Resolution"

Hello Readers,

Today I wanted to share with you another more recent "Jewels of Truth" statement as "Food for Thought" for your own personal consumption. Consider this statement in the series numbered at #1314 written just yesterday August 5th 2012. On a simple 4 step process to defuse conflict where ever it may erupt between people of a sound reasonable mind. May you find the statement reading below intriguing if not practical for your own common needs.

1314) For those peace makers in this often unfair world of our own making. I offer up a simple four step strategy to end conflict through dialogue seeking an amicable resolution. This is of course assuming the one or more parties are earnest for a sense of a justified closure from their shared troubles. Except for those that rather seek to wreak havoc for its own sake not caring for the consequences they are showering down for all involved. They are the antithesis to peace by means of a reasonable sound form of a compromised settlement. They are the spoilers without regard to merit or just cause.

First, when two or more persons or groups of persons seek to redress their grievances. Find a common cause to unify them all as reasonable in their posturing. Second, through continued discourse reveal to all involved how each person or party has a just cause. Meaning how each person or group is holding a facet to the truth in seeking a satisfactory end to any form of disagreement. Knowing the topic on hand is paramount through rudimentary forms of researching topics or backgrounds of the interested parties in question. Third, reveal to all involved their own faulty positions with a civil respectful tone of dialogue. By chopping down the degrees with the eye of a sage how and why such an error in judgment is unsound to maintain. Fourth, now finally bring the culmination of all that has been stated in prior discourses to a close. Finding a solutions based compromise that can be equally or as near to equally shared by all involved in acceptance. This is when the reputation or character of the persons or groups will be tested as either trustworthy or as unreliable.

Where an unbiased person puts their own motivations to the background. So as not to influence an outcome that is unfair for those seeking to end a disagreement or other forms of hostility. As with any person of a sound mind there will be times that negotiations will break down. Where those involved will cause petty bickering by rehashing past sour histories. This is where an experienced diplomatic person will need to moderate accordingly so as to separate the past from what is at hand in the present moment. Whenever talks get heated without an end in sight a simple rule of thumb is to call for a recess or a "Time Out". Cooler heads do prevail than hot headed irrational ones that will only cause more harm than a justified resolution. For grievances are valid when people are mistreated by circumstances they have befallen into by the misdeeds of others. Peace is an expensive commodity for any noble creature of the soul. For it is way better than the alternative of a misguided end to an outlet of misfortune that brings unwelcome misery to all concerned.

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