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Movie Concept: "James Bond: Yesterday Has Come"

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As you my loyal readers my know once or twice a year I enjoy sharing a movie concept in theme and story. My last one was this past March 2012 on the Movie Concept: "Star Trek: The Return of V'Ger". Today is no different taking the Ian Fleming "James Bond" action hero spy back into the realm of science fiction. Not unlike the 1979 "Moon Raker" film with actor Roger Moore that portrayed James Bond. However this time I'll inject some controversy which knowing the Bond films do not shy away from like in the 2002 film "Die Another Day", which North Korea didn't appreciate. This time the bad guys is more opaque not being easily distinguished.

Besides the title for the movie I'm proposing of "Yesterday Has Come". There is one alternative movie title that can be utilized as in "Tomorrow Is Now". Where the aforementioned movie "Moon Raker" never did satisfy fully my James Bond appetite in a science fiction setting. "Yesterday Has Come", will do so injecting ET's (Extra Terrestrial's) and UFO's (Unidentified Flying Object) into the scene making them part of the plot line. Including borrowing from the 1980 UFO United Kingdom alleged controversial military nuclear stockpile incident of "Rendlesham Forest".

Now picture a scene at the start of the film where a UFO cigar shaped craft is scanning assorted stored WMD's (weapons of mass destruction). Be they nuclear or otherwise at a secure military installation in Great Britain partly shared with the U.S. Military. (much like the old "Rendlesham" military base) The base goes on an intense red alert status where troops and jets are scrambled to intercept the UFO. Which is hovering less than 200 feet off the ground over the WMD stockpiles. The scene cuts to the base commander being given authorization to fire upon the UFO with a highly classified project. The weapon is a reverse engineered propulsion unit of a decades past crashed UFO. As the unsuspecting cigar shaped UFO slowly begins to move away from this joint British and American military installation. The weaponized propulsion turret appears from a panel from an underground level and is locked into place. ZAP! The turret fires and hits its target causing the cigar shaped UFO alien craft to reel from side to side in an plasma like storm. Where it strikes the ground leaving a small impact, which the alien craft is subsequently hauled away to an air hangar for closer observation.

The military fires another turret bolt at the cigar shaped craft in attempts to crack it open from its secure hangar location. Causing an immense explosion engulfing the hangar bay where from the flames and smoke emerges an alien occupant. Not to pleased of losing its craft, but too dazed and confused collapses on the tarmac outside the hangar bay facility. A couple of months elapse in the timeline of this story where James Bond is assigned escort duty to an undisclosed VIP back to "Area 51" in the Nevada desert. Since the UFO incident occurred on British soil on a joint American military installation. The British wanted shared jurisdiction and benefit on anything that can be gleaned from the alien occupant. Thus James Bond is enlisted on which he considers to be a nurses milk run. Until that is he's informed of whom he's escorting to Area 51. A female alien with partial human-like features, but with a bluish skin color and a forehead intrinsic skeletal adornment.

When the moment comes of escorting the alien she is dressed in a blue NASA astronaut suit with helmet visor and all. Where the visor is slid in the down position with its golden hue exposed. James Bond, not knowing what to make of the appearance of the alien quips a joke. The alien responds with a voice box synthesizer attached to the helmet larynx area in a computerized English voice. James Bond makes a comment why the costume for the alien woman. Which the scientists state its for everyone's benefit not knowing any cross germ contamination that could occur.

As the global transit occurs via train to ship across the Atlantic ocean. Since any air plane trip they fear the aliens may abduct the aircraft outright in a rescue attempt thus jeopardizing all involved. So a nondescript British Admiralty Naval vessel is used where Commander Bond is present as the escort body guard. Somewhere north-west of the island of Bermuda a Chinese naval submarine breaches the surface near the British naval vessel. The Chinese not minding if an international incident occurs in Atlantic waters fires a torpedo at the ship. Which subsequently hits the rudder control of the Admiralty vessel causing it to begin sinking. The Chinese not patient enough jam any distress signals of the ship and begin sending rafts of armed Chinese marines to board the British vessel. Any British marines on board begin repelling the Chinese marines by force. Any of the additional American and British armed escorts heading to Area 51 in Nevada get caught up in the fire fight with the Chinese marines.

Leaving James Bond to procure a speed boat provided by "Q" to make a quick escape with the female ET. Where they launch from the Admiralty vessel in full haste heading towards Norfolk, Virgina to the largest American Naval installation in the world. Along this impromptu speed boat voyage, the female alien asks if she can remove the clumsy NASA astronaut suit to enjoy the sea breeze. James Bond, womanizer extraordinaire has no objections being curious as to her athletic physique. In overalls, there appears a stunning female beauty of an alien that is almost human in appearance. James Bond is taken aback as to the similarities of both the human and alien species, albeit blue skin tone and forehead skeletal adornment excluded. The female alien says her name is "Nara" and she is from an Ocean world not too different from Earth's. That once her world had dry land, but a global flood event changed all that forcing them to seek refuge beneath the seas of her world.

As James Bond and Nara get closer to the U.S. shoreline she explains her mission in scanning and making inert the human WMD's. She states that the global nuclear weapons testing of the 1940's-1960's unleashed "Global Warming" on the Earth. She was a xeno munitions expert sent to learn the status of human weapons of mass destruction and defuse them randomly. James Bond retorts that her species has no right to interfere in human Geo-political affairs. With a sly wink of Nara's eyes, she begins to explain the relationship of ancient humanity with her and other ET species on the Earth. That humanity forgot the compact they made with the so-called ancient astronauts from the stars. Which was to safeguard their own world from any catastrophic harm environmentally speaking. Since the ancient human and ancient ET astronaut compact is now undone it was up to her kind to preserve not just humanity, but the world at large. With no favoritism towards humanity and its short sighted technological methodology of militarization.

As they're reaching near the Norfolk U.S. Naval installation the Chinese appear in speed boats to intercept them. Another famous Bond film choreographed chase scene ensues. Forcing James Bond and Nara to beach their speed boat outside of Norfolk. This is where Nara pleads with James Bond to instead take her to an extraction point for her people to rescue her. Knowing full well what the Area 51 handlers will do with her including harsh interrogation due to her xeno-munitions background. James Bond looks perplexed and makes contact with MI6 via the Internet for further instructions. Where MI6 states the continued incidents with the Chinese military is escalating across the globe. With tit for tat naval skirmishes in the Asian Pacific Ocean with British / American navies versus the Russo-Chinese ones. James Bond offers to MI6 that it would be best to just allow her own species to rescue her to defuse this hunt for her to cease. Of course, MI6 is outraged by the mere suggestion and commands Commander Bond to fulfill his mission of escorting Nara to Area 51.

After several more near capture incidents with Chinese agents in America pursuing James Bond and Nara across the States. Leaving a body trail of Chinese Triad criminal syndicate and Chinese Special Forces across the country. Where American escort details of Federal agents, special forces, police, with British counter-parts in fierce open gun fights against the Chinese. Near Sedona, New Mexico "James Bond" realizes there will be no peace as long as "Nara" is a prisoner on Earth and capitulates aiding her to the rescue extraction point. Reminiscent of the sci-fi 1984 film "Star Man" with actor "Jeff Bridges". Where the alien extraction point encounters military jets and troops in hot pursuit where all seems doomed. The alien mother ship appears making any lost hope null and void and the rescue fully possible. However here the American Air Force fighter jets and Army troops open fire on the rescue ship. Including with some futuristic weaponry for humanity where a battlefield occurs. Human against ET's forces battle it out in the New Mexico desert where American troops are taking heavy losses. This is where Chinese special forces in the confusion manage to infiltrate the battle in attempts to delay the rescue.

As James Bond succeeds in helping Nara get rescued by her own people of which they're grateful to Bond. They speak of a spiritual prophecy of the 007 agent of how he has saved humanity countless times before including in parallel universes of Earth. Where a cut scene of all James Bond actors are showcased past and present. As the ET's and Nara depart James Bond is astonished at the bloodshed of the battlefield. Where no alien casualties occurred, only human ones due to their vanity for power at any cost. At such a moment James Bond is blind sided and killed by the Chinese special forces remaining. Where a quick reprisal occurs by any still standing American forces killing the Chinese agents.

Intelligence agencies across the world via satellite have been watching the entire battle unfold in the New Mexico desert. MI6 is horrified that James Bond has been slain by the Chinese. The aliens also witness how James Bond is cut down knowing full well his prophetic role as a "Champion of Humanity". They take pity on him and send a drone alien vessel to scoop up his remains in order of being chronologically frozen for a future reanimation. This is where the film ends with a potential cliff hanger of what the aliens have in mind for James Bond.

As a sneak peek if a subsequent James Bond film is ever created. Especially if this science fiction movie proves successful at the box office. James Bond is reanimated thousands of years in the future in the distant far-flung reaches of the galaxy. Where humanity is but a myth unto itself, a fairy tale told to alien youth of the majestic grandeur that humanity achieved as a predominant species in the galaxy. It is not that humanity is extinct in this future timeline, but humanity morphed genetically speaking with inter-breeding with other alien sentient species. That a pure human stock is impossible in natural form.

Until that is Nara's people reanimate James Bond akin to pulling the fire alarm seeking the aid of the long forgotten Champion of yore. This is where the 2nd film commences under such a premise and how James Bond is made to adapt to this alien futuristic ocean world. How he eventually seeks to return to Earth be it the far-flung futuristic present or to travel back to his timeline using unsanctioned exotic technology. This next science fiction film concept can be called "Bond Immortal". Singing the old James Bond ballad of the 1999 film of the same name "The World Is Not Enough" with a new interpretation of the music track.

That in a gist is what I picture of the science fiction movie concept for "James Bond: Yesterday Has Come".

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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