Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tablet Computer Concept: "Clam Shell Tablet Computer"

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As I write this conceptual entry today Sunday August 26th in regards to the breaking news from two days ago on Friday August 24th. Whereby "Samsung Electronics Co." currently owes "Apple Inc." $1.05 Billion U.S. dollars for its patent infringements for the smartphone and tablet devices. This was the recent ruling from a San Jose California court here in the States that Apple filed against Samsung.

Here's an article dated August 24th 2012 from The Wall Street Journal news site:

"Samsung Loses Strategic Gamble in U.S."

My concept today evolves the heavy Apple design of the iPad tablet into a variant form. In my opinion the evolution of the iPad came from its predecessor of the Mac Book laptop computer. Which the Mac Book is a Macintosh version of the PC laptop or notebook computer. Typically a brand new generation of an iPad sells for a base rate of $500 U.S. per unit here in the States. Where the iPad global phenomena is only a little over 2 years old. Before the iPad put the tablet computer on the map. There was the generic PC clone of the "Web Book" that retailed for around $200-$300 U.S. per unit.

My concept of the "Clam Shell Tablet" or if Apple Inc. were to adopt it I would call their futuristic version the "iPad Plus". Basically a "Clam Shell Tablet" design that evolves the singular tablet into a double tablet units joined at the hip like a regular notebook / laptop computer. Where the tablet merged the laptop / notebook keyboard / mouse into one overall computer screen. The "Clam Shell Tablet" would resurrect the clam shell design by linking two tablets screens together. For a greater range of computer screen real estate to be utilized. Whilst keeping all the bells and whistles of a current tablet computer like the iPad. Where today's iPad is the vanilla version, my clam shell design would be the double dutch chocolate flavor to the world for now at least. That the dual tablets would be configured in one being a master to the second slave unit joined together in under the hood circuitry.

A potential marketing publicity campaign here in the States if not in Europe for the "Clam Shell Tablet" design. Is "Moses" on the "Mount Sinai" holding the 2 tablets etched by "God" himself. In this case its a Moses holding a clam shell tablet computer depicting the two full screens to the camera. With a spoof stating where Moses destroyed the 2nd tablet he comes down from the Mount with one whole product name (ie a clam shell tablet).

Samsung Electronics Co. a division of the overall Samsung Group in South Korea had a chance to truly evolve the tactile design if not the technology of the tablet computer. According to the "Wall Street Journal" article I cited above. Samsung rejected an Apple licensing royalty deal of $24 U.S. per unit back into 2010. The leadership at Samsung is now biting the proverbial bullet for its gamble with patent infringements against Apple Inc.

I'm an amateur Futurist / Innovator with a sense of vision that can offer a simplistic clam shell design to the tablet computer.  Samsung Electronics Co., should've taken a better gamble by allowing their designers and computer engineers do what they do best. That being offering tried and true consumer products that differentiate it from its competitors. Next time follow the Spirit of Samsung and not entirely the politics of putting one over on your rival competitor by being a plain copycat. Apple Inc., computer designers if your paying attention I'll just say a hearty hello in homage to a great tablet computer offering so far.

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  1. Concepts today the evolution of the design of Apple's heavy iPad tablet into a form variable. In my opinion came the evolution of the iPad than its predecessor from the laptop Mac notebooks.

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