Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nuclear Power Industry Concept: "Underground Nuclear Power Plant Facilities"

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Today's topic is based upon a simple no brainer that the Nuclear Power Industry World-wide could pursue for its future development of its own infrastructure of energy production. We all now know of the hazards of radiological fallout from a nuclear weapon if not the meltdown of a nuclear power plant. Like the all too recent Japanese "Fukushima Daiichi" 2011 disaster it recently experienced. What if there was another smarter way to construct nuclear power plant facilities?

Currently from learning the hard way of radiological fall out from the 1940's-1950's above ground nuclear weapons testing globally. The developed nations with their own nuclear weapons testing began testing nuclear weapons designs with an underground denotations. Why not the nuclear power industry develop a lair bunker like power plant facility underground? If the developed nations military can have nuclear powered submarines as a mobile aquatic vehicle. Why not a fixed installation underground to generate nuclear power underground safely in a bunker like lair system? So if God forbid a nuclear meltdown incident occurs sections of the lair can be easily quarantined underground or entombed as necessary.

How many more nuclear power plant facilities must meltdown by an accident until we learn this lesson the hard way? Just like the world powers learned about testing nuclear weapons yields above ground? Russia, has had two nuclear power plant meltdowns. One as the infamous 1986 Chernobyl and the other lesser known as the 1957 Mayak or formerly known as the Chelyabinsk-40. (Mayak 1957 Incident) America, had its own 1979 "3 Mile Island" near meltdown or china syndrome incident in Pennsylvania. To date Japan has already closed down all of its 50 nuclear power reactors in regards to phasing out of all nuclear power plant generation. (Japan Without Nuclear Power, Ever Again) Germany, shocked at what happened to Japan at "Fukushima Daiichi" in 2011 will also gradually phase out all of its nuclear power facilities in Europe.

Here in America we have roughly around 104 nuclear power plant reactors. Originally built back in the 1950's through the 1960's many of which have had their existing foot print expanded several times over. Now for the first time in nearly 40 years time many new generation nuclear power plant facilities are going through the permitting process. Why not develop one of these future nuclear power plant facilities or a smaller scale prototype as a completely underground facility?

The Federal government spent billions of dollars in the "Yucca Mountain" nuclear power waste site. A boon in construction dollars to the State economy of Nevada. Than the Federal Senator "Henry Reid" basically nixed the entire project as it was about to come online. Making the entire facility a boondoggle or a "bridge to nowhere". Why not convert a portion of the "Yucca Mountain" nuclear waste site into a nuclear power plant underground facility? Its already been zoned per say by the Federal and State government for housing nuclear power waste in perpetuity. Just add an expansion or carve out an existing section of the "Yucca Mountain" facility for a lair like bunker for nuclear power generation.

If not "Yucca Mountain" than another isolated mountain that can be carved out from the inside out. Just like the U.S. Military did with the Joint Task force Initiative of "NORAD" or the "North American Aerospace Defense Command". Within the "Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center" in the State of Colorado. The United States has already prior experience with such a mountain installation why not extend it to the worlds first nuclear power plant facility housed inside a mountain? Conjecture would have it if the United States has secret underground installations known as "Black Sites". They could in theory already have a nuclear power plant reactor all their own in usage in an underground environment.

This can be done with the engineering vision by the nuclear power industry. If not in America, perhaps the enterprising Chinese who are doing herculean infrastructure projects all their own. The Chinese in my opinion is like the United States in the 1950's-1960's in development of its golden years of infrastructure projects. The difficulties facing America today with its crumbling infrastructure will surely be faced by China in 60 years time. However that is another topic for another time. If I was part of the Nuclear Industry lobby, which I'm in no way an engineer just a humble futurist. I would be offering either Germany or Japan the idea of developing a new generation of nuclear power plant generation underground or within an existing mountain environment. This goes without saying within an encapsulated underground lair or the interior of a mountain any potential of a nuclear power plant incident is more so easily contained. Where sections can be sealed off and if necessary entombed due to its existing bunker like construction.

Let's hope someone gets wind of this idea and my argument for the pro's of this futuristic initiative for the Nuclear Power Industry. 

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