Monday, May 07, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statement On "Good & Evil"

Hello All,

Every month I'm sharing often new material I've just penned as of recently in regards to my hobby of spiritual wisdom. This month of May is no different and the topic is on "Good & Evil". It's "Jewels of Truth" statement #1258 in the series which will find itself into a future Volume 4 of my books. This spiritual wisdom individual statement I share aside from the trio of "Jewels of Truth" segment I share every month. I've singled out as unique in offering a contemplative alternative view to spirituality as a whole. The points brought up may be ancient, but the subject matter is on going as you'll see in just a moment's time.

As always my writing style is inclusive with a universal view point of the spiritual. No matter one's religious tradition I share original material from a mystical stance. May you the reader not just merely enjoy but find yourselves engaged in a positive manner. Adding to your own spiritual tradition whatever it may be in all sacred expressions.

Be well, Namaste.


1258) In our reality "Good & Evil" are locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. For the Spirit realms as Infinite as they are this is not the case. Both "Heaven & Hell" are free from struggle their dominance is assured. Beyond peace there is balance between them for an eternity. Their purpose fulfilled as a haven of souls according to each their own alignment of purpose.

Here in our world our comprehension as spiritual beings within mortal bodies. We are exposed to an illusion of a constant struggle between "Good & Evil". The polarity of these two properties causes us to absorb our own soul development. This mortal reality is a catalyst to grow our ageless souls. The catalyst is brought onward by the construct by laws that govern reality as a whole. What we refer to as life being a dream spiritually as people is also our combined reality with consequences or karma. The illusion of our separation as social mammals does not deny our eternal divine oneness through God(dess) forever. It is the collective souls in creation as the power source permitting this dream of a mortal reality to be real to us. Amen.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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