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Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes of The Month

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It's that time of the month again where I share another trio of my wisdom statements. Do note I'm not a daily poster to my blog site. Where I typically make posts after the 15th of any given month. Consisting of one "Jewels of Truth" post and usually two additional "Concept" posts as the plan.

As a frequent reader you'll soon realize that 5 years of this blog being about. That includes 3 "Jewels of Truth" statements per month and the math indicates a whole lot of material to enjoy. On numerous topics just at your finger tips to the right under the index of blog links.

I just wanted to state this in case if someone was wondering.

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905) The characteristics of a soul allow it to be in numerous places at once. Such is the inheritance of being in the "Image of God". These places can be dimensions of being or of ethereal thought itself. Such numerous locales challenges us to grow in maturity as a spirit. Whereby we travel to spheres of living, be it in our dream states or during our waking hours.

All of life that is incarnated has a symbiosis with God in spirit. As extensions of his being whether we accept his Will or not. We travel as souls to where we belong akin to a reflection in a mirror. As life is called a school for the soul we sojourn whilst we're alive as people. To multiple places that cause us to grow and mature if we're paying attention in Spirit. This side of Creation is a nursery for souls of all phases of maturity. In Eternity where their is no mortal age in spirit because we are immortal souls. Again due to being in the "Image of God" we can only grow through a process of maturity, triggered by life events that provoke depth in us. Thus the "Fruit of Life" is encountered and shared as a gift with other kindred souls in this Life.

These places of the soul may consist of fields of pure energy where the formless is given shape by us. The limitations we encounter as humans have no power here. We are limitless without bounds, we are God in infinite slices becoming self-aware. We are the "I Am". ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

906) When a society is divided from itself by divisive ideologies, Lo and behold its own undoing is at hand. Inviting an atmosphere of polarizing behavior that becomes uncivilized and hateful. Where only the fundamentalist view is the true view by those who have become distorted in rhetoric. Such ideologies can be from the secular to the religious in nature and action. Causing only those with exclusive license to spew their bigotry without pause or concern for the public good. All others whom are not of this elitist thinking be they foreign or domestic in citizenry are to be mistrusted and alienated.

Such a path of beliefs will only spiral downwards away from peace and democracy. Leading to civil eruptions be they protests or riots that are violent and antagonistic. Instead of seeking the "Middle Way" of compromise and a compact of a declared public trust in good faith. We will experience ruin in all its chaotic forms until we want not to bleed and hate no more. Nurture instead a spirit of cooperation and compromise to be truly peace makers and not victims of discord. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

907) When an obstacle has been encountered in your life. Know that in each difficulty therein its core is a solution to be found and worked out. However many people give up by inaction only to be swallowed whole with despair. Others yet still choose to self-medicate through destructive addictions to numb their own pain. Where by they dig an even deeper hole of despair unwittingly. The best path of resolution is the constructive path that allows for inner personal work to be accomplished. No matter how slow the pace or if there are "fits and starts" to a solution. Patience, Hope, and Unconditional Love are the keys to unraveling any difficulty under the sun. Be it big in scope or trivial in consequence. All can become better with thoughtful persistence that allows one to overcome and not despair. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Every being is an abode of God, worthy of respect and reverence. ---Hindu Scripture.

Life is a very narrow bridge between two eternities. Be not afraid. ---Rabbi Nachman of Braslav.

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. ---Voltaire. (aka Francois-Marie Arouet) 1694-1778.

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