Monday, July 26, 2010

Software Concept: Software Suites For Smart Phones & Apple iPhones

Hello All,

How many software applications are there to date for the iPhone series of smart phones?

One estimate I heard some time ago was that their were 30,000 applications for the games section alone.

What if some forward thinking software developer for Apple or smart phones in general. Decides to bundle many of the higher quality applications into a Software Suite. Similar as to how Microsoft for years now has done the "Windows" series of operating system suites. But in this regard develop it for smart phones in particular be they for: Apple, Google, Microsoft, or some other player in the market place.

Think of it a software suite purchased offering better quality software applications. Than being nickle and dimed ala carte for each individual software application. Yes, there are a plethora of "Free" software apps out there for download. However I'm speaking more towards those that are being purchased at a few dollars or so without knowing if they're any good.

Software suites can consist of a generalized application package with a little bit of everything. Or be specialized that cater to select categories such as: Business, Entertainment, Games, News, Music, Photography, Sports, etc...

On top of all this a software developer can go one further and provide "Customer Service" for their suite packages. Where many of today's software applications are often more self-help by other users. Than anything resembling an air of dedicated customer support be it by: email, online chat, message board, or phone modes of outreach.

So instead of scouring through a sea of app's for a smart phone or Apple's iPhone series. Go instead with a software suite that is of a better quality with actual technical customer service offered.

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