Monday, October 01, 2007

School Budgeting Concept: Cut School Busing From 4th Graders On Up

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In the climate of continued revenue short falls for public school districts across the nation. That is a symptom of other fiscal monetary crisis's that will surely occur in America. The signs are evident be it the first nation to spend a Trillion Dollars and going into a regional Middle East war campaign. The US Dollar currency valuation in thirty year lows. China owning 25% of the US debt at around 8 Trillion dollars and growing. The writing is on the wall across our society but like a highly caffeinated society we're in denial or distracted.

My suggestion is to reduce or cut down on public school district busing. Only for those over the 4th grade ages on up from Elementary unto High Schools. Those that are 3rd graders and below including disabled students will continue to receive public school busing as usual.

What this will save for the public school districts is fuel costs, less drivers & mechanics, retire older high maintenance buses, close down certain bus depots, etc... The solution for public school students to continue arriving to school is to receive "Student Passes" from the school board to be used on local Public Transit systems. Problem students who act like fools on these transit county buses will be kicked off just like they're adult counter-parts. A few incidents like these would force the juveniles to act like adults or start to use a bicycle.

The excess buses in the school fleet can be auctioned off. Besides being used for certain county events or emergency excavations.

Another less radical alternative is to start charging parents for school busing by passing on the costs to the parents. Of course like breakfast free or reduced lunches in public schools. There can be free or reduced cost school busing for those school children eligible due to low income parents.

In directly this could force more students to attend a Virtual School Academy similar to what the State of Florida offers.

Florida Virtual Academy:

Something has to give in this growing climate of budget shortfalls. Due to the fact that public schools are a form of Socialistic education in a Capitalistic society.

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