Monday, October 01, 2007

Movie Concept: Beevis & Butthead (Non-Animated) Comedy Movie

Hello All,

With the recent string of moronic comedic movies being churned out by Hollywood these days. Why not develop a comedy based movie on the mid 1990's MTV generation of "Beevis & Butthead"?

Of course this wouldn't be an animated movie like the recent televised series that aired back in the day. It would be portrayed with live actors much like the recent portrayal of Eon Flux action movie. Which was also an animated action series from said MTV in those 30 minute spots.

Now which comedic actors would be the one's to cast as the moronic teenage duo? Who can best play "Cornholio"? Perhaps Mike Myers from his antics in "Wayne's World", or is he not still worthy? Drew Carey was Mike Myers side kick during "Wayne's World" back in those Saturday Night Live days. There can be Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson filling those teenage antic roles.

Since if the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson can miniaturize adult actors into Hobbits. Than modern camera technology can certainly make a well known adult comedian into a snot nosed teenager of the ilk of Beevis & Butthead.

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