Sunday, October 28, 2007

Humanatrian Concept: Veteran Service Force

Hello All,

This concept of mine is about re-utilizing veterans of all past / present conflicts of the world. Where as a direct opposite to a mercenary force. To a humanitarian force of recruited veterans to serve as aid workers or Peace Keepers in the worlds troubled hot spots.

Often veterans of all nations are often misunderstood or worse discarded as if they were a spent ammo cartridge. Here in America we're notorious for discarding people in a consumer like mentality. Our burgeoning homeless populations is largely made up of veterans that we have conveniently forgotten. Let alone being the largest prison nation of the world with over 2 million inmates and counting.

I having reverence for military service personnel of all past conflicts. Would like to see them healed in spirit, for what nations gave them authority to commit in the name of Peace & Justice.

I would like nations again to invoke the names of Peace & Justice for all of our veterans to be able to service in a volunteer task force initiative. It could be offered by a NGO (non governmental organization) for veterans of all nations that are of able mind and body. To service as aid workers if not Peace Keepers in the troubled hot spot conflict area's of the world.

Our veterans like it or not are already hardwired in spirit for conflict. Many unfortunately left a portion of their souls in past battlefields. As a form of therapeutic service by allowing veterans to serve in similar troubled areas but not as soldiers, but as humanitarians. Without being directly in the line of fire, but relatively close to it they can cope and hopefully heal in body, spirit, and mind.

Of course these veterans deployed overseas will be accompanied by mental health care practitioners to help them in reintegrating their past trauma into a form of redemption.

For those veterans who are severally physically disabled can also serve. But not in direct deployments like they're other veteran counter-parts. Those of a physically or severely mental handicap can serve as logistical or administrative support roles to those in deployments.

So area's like the Congo, Darfur province in Sudan, or elsewhere can serve with dignity as aiding humanitarians.

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