Thursday, September 07, 2006

Textiles Concept: Bullet & Knife Proof Clothing (Not Vests)

Hello All,

For the last couple of decades bullet proof clothing technology has been restricted to various sorts of vests. Whether they are kevlar lining, ceramic plates, or a combination there of for such protective vests.

What I envision is further improvements with synthetic textiles that are lighter and can be woven into regular clothing material as in a mesh. Where the: military, police, security guard protective vests will morph into protective clothing. Be it the typical: police, military, or security guard uniform that can stop a bullet or a knife blade thrust. Perhaps early versions of this protective clothing may be very itchy in wearing. So personnel may need to wear underalls that allows them to wear this futuristic protective clothing. The underalls may be material that retains heat or cools when appropiate whilst out during field work.

Eventually the industry with subsequent protective clothing iterations will mitigate this "itchy factor". Overall law enforcement, military & security personnel will have uniforms that provide a defensive edge whilst worn. Alleviating the need to wear these present day bullet proof vests with ceramic plates, or other bulky vests. Thus helping in carrying out their duties in a efficient manner that assures safety beyond just the torso. And/or wearing full SWAT assault gear to get a similar level of protection.

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