Sunday, September 24, 2006

E-Commerce Concept: Merchandise Catalog Presentation

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Today many if not all e-commerce retail outlets online today relay on 2-D presentations of their merchandise. The typical thumbnail picture leading to a full blown picture of the item in question. If one is lucky there will be different cut-shots of the merchandise displayed at the online retailer.

Now picture (all pun intended) the e-commerce retail merchandise thumbnail with a 3-D presentation. IE a clock that is ticking to your local time, beverages in glassware being consumed by a model, clothing being used as intended by a human model in short animated loops. If your demographic is for children's merchandise one would have the company mascot doing these various presentation animated loops. From playing with the toys, to modeling clothing, to singing certain MP3 media in small clips.

From the thumbnail merchandise media presentations we traverse to the full blown pictured merchandise. That will show the merchandise used as intended all streamed from the e-commerce website, without obliging the end retail user to download anything. Cusory information can accompany the retail items that are being shown and used by the models or animated figures. In some cases AI speaking mannequins can assist the customer in selecting or handling a POS (point of sale) transaction online. The AI package can include repeated "Live Acted" previous customer testimonials of product usage. In other instances the pending customer can select which animation or human acted model to be displayed. For example if house decor is to be displayed the customer with a click of the mouse. Can select how they're pending order of merchandise is to be used in a mock up virtual setting in the retailer space. This can extend to intended uses of retail clothing ensembles selected to jewelry, watches, and accessories.

These are the few of present functions that E-commerce retailers can use today in enticing increased sales in the online sphere of transactions.

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