Thursday, October 13, 2005

MMO Game Theme Concept: A MMORPG On GhostBusters!

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The online massively multiplayer genre of games have experienced to date genres in mostly fantasy and science fiction. With no MMO genres of horror, historical, or comedy (unless you count Disney's Toon Town) as one would find in single player game titles.

We are awash in numerous entertainment brands that are ripe for cross-over into an MMO game title. However with that noted, launching an MMO game isn't for the faint of heart or cheap on funding neither.

With that said how many of you would enjoy a MMO game title based on a comedy genre?

Well how about "GhostBusters"?

Just picture a MMO game title where the hordes of ghosts return to Gotham City (New York City). Where our former intrepid hero's from the original two films have sold off their franchise business. The ghosts and demons seem to settle down, then all of a sudden another biblical climax stirs in Gotham.

This time you the gamer enlist into one of these numerous franchise businesses to hunt or perhaps be hunted by the ghosts and demons of lore using New York City as a portal entrance into our world. The ghosts & demons could be strictly Npc's (non player characters), although to spice things up perhaps randomly selected ghost hunters could become ghosts themselves as a player character race.

However many elements of comedy need to be infused into such an adventure / action MMO game title. Perhaps the hunting tactics of the ghostbusters can use old Baldville like hijinks to cajorole the ghosts into the traps. The questing system can include hilarious dialogue to continue to set the theme of a comedy MMO. Including numerous zany and whacky sound effects to prepare the gamer into such a crazy world.

Of course npc's modeled after the films hero's can be created. Where their voices from the films or additional voice sessions can be captured for this MMO game title.

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