Saturday, October 29, 2005

America's Proverty Prediction / Rant / Concept: Non-Profit Commune Homes

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How uneasy it must feel that America is losing it's super power status before our very eyes. Capitalists without a moral framework have sold-out America chasing their profits without thinking through the long-term consequences. Our government isn't in a better situation neither, their stance is to appease those in power outside of government. And that does not mean "We The People", that traditional ethos has been compromised for lower ideals.

With that political outrage put aside, where through out the 20th century the ideals and corporations that kept America proud are ebbing away. This new century is returning gradually the super power status to the old Far East. Where once they had that mantle thousands of years ago and it is returning to them before our eyes.

America for its part will slip into a industrial Power mode like many Western European nations in the next generation of twenty to twenty five years from now. America has two roads it can take, one of greater policy reform that is of a morale foundation such as universal healthcare. Or it can go further headlong into corporate power capitalism where only growth and profit is sacred.

If the latter is chosen where government becomes vunerable due to it's revenue coffers from taxes and other capital funds run dry. Expect to see multi-national corporations to seize greater power in US government. Since of their potential to unify numerous corporations into a hybrid union with government. Expect a United Nations model for the most powerful multi-national corporations where democracy will be least on their collective minds. Corporate Imperialism will be on the rise during those potential darker days of America. Since in their day a generation ago America of "We The People" was soldout by the minority power brokers.

The American poverty class will replace the former majority middle class. Where 10% of the wealthiest in America which may very well come from abroad. Will be the current puppet master of this hybrid Imperial corporate government model in America.

Any remaining middle class will emmigrat and leave their homeland of America. Where Asia & Australia will mostly will be the new countries to receive the huddled masses that are improvished economically. They will no longer flock to America nor to Europe, since the wealth of these nation States has long since ebbed away.

Where during the days of the late 20th century and early 21th century that the nuclear family had become nomadic. Due to enmasse poverty expect the nuclear family, including extended family proximity to return akin to America's 19th century tendencies.

To economically survive families and selective groups may opt for the "Commune Home" non-profit entity model. Where as a non-profit or not for profit corporate entity model families and selective groups will pool their financial resources into a commune living environment. Sorta like those on University campuses at a fraternity or sorority order.

Such "Commune Homes" will have certain protections and requirements so as to maintain a proper non-profit commune living. The requirements may be to retain an accountant, estate lawyer, or some other financial planner to keep the collective incomes coming and keep the commune solvent. The protections could be forms of insurance due to fraud, internal theft and the like of the communes property and liquid incomes.

Back to present day we're having in America, Europe and Japan children in their late 20's returning home due to financial hardship. The traditional jobs and college educated days are defunct due to cheap labor overseas. The service and hospitality industries are the ones burgeoning today since such jobs can not be off-shored. (unless foreign cheaper labor under contract is brought in to fill them, much like on cruise ships)

Such boomer rang kids will come full circle where parents themselves can not afford to retire. Where teenage type jobs of a decade or so ago will go more to senior citizens that do not retire. Job displacement of demographics of age groups will only expand due to a shrinking middle class in America. America if it continues like this for another generation will have a seritude work force. Where unlike Americans traveling abroad due to a strong dollar in foreign countries during the late 20th century and early 21th century. The reverse will occur foreigners with strong currencies will travel to America for a cheap traveling abroad for their interests.

These will be the consequences of America being sold-out by the minority power brokers in our present US government that get their kick backs from corporations.

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