Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lending Library Concept: Public Library of Tomorrow

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Borrowing heavily from the last concept franchise business model below on digital media content. Imagine a public library of tomorrow where no books, music tapes, or VHS / DVD movies can be lent out. Instead much like the current mp3 subscription music sites the content is rented and can not be owned. This public library allows citizens with a smart library member card to download content to a flash media disc.

The digital content on this flash media times out where after a set date upon next usage the content becomes unreadable or deletes itself. Public library members can still view the full content at viewing tables that are tied into the local data center of the library. All content to their datacenter gets updated daily, be it from worldwide newspapers or other forms of content.

So instead of a present day public library seeking certain book bound volume sets. Or other prestigious annually updated journals, newsletters, magazines, catalogs, etc... All of this can be available in digital form, especially for rural community public libraries.

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