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Book Review: "The Grand Illusion: Lessons in Perception" By: Shanna Spalding St. Clair


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This is a bonus entry I've been meaning to post for a long while now. A book review of a little gem of an unknown psychic-medium author I only saw once or twice in person from a distance here in Sarasota, Florida four or five years ago. 

Today's book review of "The Grand Illusion: Lessons In Perception" By Shanna Spalding St. Clair was first published back on May 2013. So this isn't a new title per se however the author was a very robust strong psychic medium in her own right with an educator background. She taught Intuitive studies now at the defunct The Spirit University school for about seven years time. Before that she was a retired English school teacher in the New England area of the country. 

This book or rather booklet in my opinion comes in at a short but sweet 44 pages in length. If you're into the metaphysical exploration of reality this is a curiosity to intently behold. The author has two additional books in the Karma I and Karma II book series under her name at Amazon. Both of these seem to be channeled works from a spiritual entity guide/teacher basically called Thomas. I'm still reading "Karma I" slowly at any rate currently for a hopefully future book review. 

One other note is the author has since passed away prior to the global pandemic around mid-2017 if memory serves me right? So this book review in part is in hopes of revealing a lost gem that wouldn't otherwise get the light of day to date. 

May you enjoy the review.

This small volume at least in the paperback version is moreso a booklet rather than a proper book in my humble opinion. Coming in at a stout 44 pages in length overall. Nonetheless, what is made up in brevity explores profoundly in substance. This is the 1st edition of CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform first released on May 15th, 2013. The text is available in both the Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback formats. 

The booklet feels more like an outline with a few pages of synopsis per the sectional attributes explored as Illusions. I feel in my opinion the beginning towards the middle of this spiritual metaphysical text is beefy. Towards the very end, it feels moreso cliche and rushed in order to finish the train of thought.

For example, the eleven or so Illusions she cites as to the makeup of reality are too brief. Each comes in roughly two or three pages per section of the booklet. In her Inner Exploration, I can only assume is for the layman explorer of such a spiritual topic without delving too deep into each section of this book. 

Nonetheless, I consider this booklet a good forway primer into the other 2 proper books on Karma by the same author Shanna Spalding St. Clair. I also wanted to say a few parting words that I never met Lady Shanna Spalding St. Clair formally. I did know she was a bit of a stormtrooper English Teacher since retired in her New England days. Subsequently, a robust but intimating psychic-medium educator of the spiritual Intuitive supernatural arts at the Spirit University school in Manasota, Florida.

I only saw her in passing at the school where she was a founding community faculty member. Nonetheless, I feel I dodged a bullet by not being in her Intuitive classes. Nonetheless, her students always reported she was excellent as very hard but with heart. Still, I'm sad to report Lady Shanna Spalding St. Clair passed away in mid-2017 or so on her own terms. RIP, you're sorely missed by countless, a great dame.

For self-disclosure how I rate each of my past and present book reviews here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site. A 5 Stars is super rare only for a perfect gaga great book title. The very good to regular good book title usually always gets 4 Stars and anything less is average at 3 Stars. The abysmal book titles at 1 or 2 Stars I wouldn't even bother reviewing in all seriousness. My predominant book reviews always fall into the 4 Star reviews camp just to fairly state upfront. 

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