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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Shyness & Tolerance


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Now before the end of this month, I wanted to share another duo of recently original channeled Jewels of Truth statements. My preferences as a person are an eclectic cosmopolitan scope of viewing the world. When any psychic is tapped by faith and/or dogged determination to develop their soulful gifts of God upon this world. The angelic host or spiritual guides and teachers tap into the supplicant spirit or talented person. 

To tap into you as if you are a pocket geyser with latent potentials in raw form if permitted by the free will of disposition and personality. Will mold you foremost as a spiritual being in tandem with your humanity for an outlook of a lifetime. For example, when I started out 27+ years ago I was an uncouth shy introvert that behaved more like an old fart aka old soul, lol. Even in my childhood years, I was a do-gooder quiet type hardly ever getting into trouble or being an unnecessary pest. Albeit I was a Latch Kid Child. 

A perfect captive audience for developing ones psychic-mediumship-trance spiritual gifts living akin to a partial modern ascetic. The heavenly host whether you call them angels or spiritual ancestors of the Soul of God inherent. Utilize your native strengths and even tap into your personal vocabulary as syntax usage of your primary grammatical language at least for Inspirational psychic automatic writings. This is the metaphysical ethos the heavenly host espouses when you respond to the calling of graceful spiritual adventures of a lifetime. 

So since I'm eclectic by human nature the angels are often nameless without ego. Will use my outlook to interact with you the faith-led spiritual seekers as readers and my divination clientele regardless of religious global tradition. To genuinely be inspired amidst your hearts and to enlighten your minds of endless potential. Of what the supernatural extraordinary realities they herald from within infinitely interpreted truths beautifully do exist forever.  

Without further adieu please enjoy these two eclectic topics on Shyness and Tolerance of the human condition therein from their exalted perspectives. Many blessings.


3177) All shyness is next to meekness that stems from an innocent childish nature of the person within their innate being. Regardless of gender, age, socio-economic caste, and so forth of the world at large. It is a sense of submissiveness that is often subdued upon personality characteristics that are oft underdisciplined. Thusly that makes the individual feel and think they are ill-equipped to handle their lives. 

They feel like the other outcast in their own families let alone out in the wider brim of their localized communities. Such sheepish tendencies beget easily victimized opportunities by those with defective scruples. To be manipulated by often well-meaning loved ones as family and friends sets one up for failure over the course of countless years of developmental upbringing. The aggressive animal streak is lacking in such soft-spoken souls that herald from farther afield across the infinity of the divine cosmos. 

However, when the socially awkward person gives into self-loathing due to hatred just to survive in the world. Then lo and behold such a warped nature creates another more cunning and dangerous demented person given to ideations of supremacy. When said individual has latent gifts of charisma untapped here lays an ambush of many in due time. Where scapegoating becomes the Modus Operandi to have a false sense of security to blame Xyz of societal demographics for their popularity plight denied. 

Without taking intensive responsibility for their actions they project their madness out into the world as poisonous dogma. To discredit all too easily just to have a bloated sense of superior overconfident euphoria at the expense of the unsuspecting enemy. As not just vilified but actually demonized as sub-human by devilish tropes and pejorative insults.

Such once shy quiet ones now having defaulted their humanity towards hellish hatred and fear-mongering of popularism have succumbed to the lowest common denominator all around. They are now a predatory beast on the lam seeking to cause unnecessary suffrage with unduly upheavals just to obtain a false superiority complex of a schism. Their leadership tendencies are encouraged by the throngs that fall in line out of the cult of personality dysfunctions or outright coveting their elitist hungry for power. 

Thus a devilish ouroboros loop occurs where they too attract other submissives falling into the traps of victimhood at the expense of others as the fall guys. This is unfortunately the happenstance that occurs politically for those seeking high office of the State. Human history is replete with tyrants and depots that once were introverted Hitler's and Pol Pots, genocidal murderers. 

Shyness once, now twice soft-spoken as submissives isn't a defect of moral and personal character. It is an opportunity to envision a better world given when the conditions are personally cultivated with wisdom and compassion in situ. To overdo it and one can become a bully of rhetoric of the masses instead as a form of spoiled porridge in due time of selective amnesia of the solemn truths. 

Not too cold and not too hot and one has the scope of limitless potential to gauge a fuller grace of living splendors upon the world. A moderated success of demeanor versus tyranny by means of hatred. The marvels will never cease when the divine Face of God shines through oft unspoken by a kind figure that asks for little but cares unconditionally in the scope of wellness for all souls. 

To spoil the positive upbringing of a shy submissive person with aggressive hatred and there the mark is overshot. Becoming a bitter curmudgeon and wrathful tendencies that are despotic with inclement attitudes that mirror demonic unholy nature. Versus the compassionate inclusive virtuous angelic perfect template of God upon the world. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3176) In a world that prefers homogeneity over diversity in countless global societies. To be forced to acclimate to a new era locally can easily cause a bigoted revolt amongst the purists as traditional common folk. Whereby to be always seeking for a so-called idyllic puffery of a past-time of a bygone age of their respective global culture. Sets up the clash of civilizations every single time, unfortunately.

That is only an invitation for strife to be deposited into an otherwise functional society. To seed the environment with discord makes for petty bedfellows in your regional communities and neighborhoods all alike. To make other foreign immigrant demographic groups as your scapegoats is one of the evilest tropes history has witnessed as the easiest fodder to befoul amongst humanity. Next comes your political party archnemesis after the wholesale slaughter of foreigners figurately if not godforsaken literally has occurred. 

Afterward, sexism with ego-centric patriarchal madness ushers forth so-called warped conservatism to make the other fairer gender 2nd class citizens in their own nations. The next despised lot of souls are the other races that clash with your homogenetic false superiority complex. The evilest form of eugenics of scrubbing out the impure racial categories of humanity just to conform to your singular myopic social worldview. The person that says that is history and affords little welfare of the common good with proper safeguards is doomed to repeat the sorry tales of woe. Generation after generation of ethnic, racial, sexist, economic classist, political-ideological, religious sectarian, and so forth discriminatory cleansing ad Infinitum. 

In a world colliding at every turn with the globalization of your current modernity, it is essential to mature and evolve collectively as a semi-sentient species. Or be doomed to devolve into lesser forms of insipid bigotry and misogyny and so forth. It is natural for all creatures reincarnated into biological beings to be discriminatory by ecological factors at large. However, to have a higher functional rationale that borders on divinity and inclusivity is a must if one as individuals, groups as organizations, and the entire swath of people are to mature collectively. Not for dear so-called Mother Earth, but for the longevity of your carnal species as hopefully greater than mere animalistic thinking feeling beasts.

The over-reliance on tribalism that lends itself to nationalism when truly dysfunctional can destroy entire societies if given the despicable chance. No matter if one espouses democratic, autocratic, Imperial, and any other kleptocracy governmental model upon the world. Your values and the lack of them clearly define who and what you shall become generation after generation of living and dying people. 

Differences when supported with Tolerance if not downright assimilation over time that isn't hateful and bigoted are wholesome to an Infinitely Diverse Ineffable God(dess) in Heaven Everlasting. Such as the inherent beauty of differing languages such as dialects, costumes as cultural dress codes, cultural foods, delightful ethnic music, literature, theatrical arts, and so forth. This is the cornucopia of the Infinite Face of God on fullest display with merriment and greatest glorious wonders unto the Supreme Lord of Hosts Excelsior. 

Why overlook such a pivotal gentle gradual truth of the ages for humanity just to have destructive forms of sibling rivalry and jealousy of the species? We the Heavenly Angelic Host understand that our cosmic inclusive stance seems impossible to ever achieve at least for those with willful self-sabotaging efforts historically. If people don't feel special natively amongst each other then they'll abuse others farther afield just to make it so. 

Only maturity of divine rightful inclusive moderated compassionate glory of God can overcome the world. Of these destructive diabolical tropes and countless other unlawful prejudices as sectarian or otherwise ruinous in human nature. If the awful tendencies of false superiority complexes aren't addressed head-on be it by ethnic, racial, sexist, economic classist, religious exclusivity, political divisions, and other cultural bias such as languages as destructive purges. 

Then humanity will succeed not in worshiping God in Heaven but instead cultivating Hell on Earth instead. The Blessed Righteous Will of God(dess) is Inclusively Angelic Virtuous in Celestial Template Beyond Justice but with Constant Absolute Love Forever Supremely so..... Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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