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Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month of December


Seasons Greetings,

This "Atrayo's Oracle" blog entry is a couple of days late at least for Christmas that is and certainly for Hannukah. Perhaps not for Kwanzaa, ha! Still, this month has been a hectic one for moi and not for good reasons all the same. 

As my readers some of you know I'm a remote caregiver for my elderly mother. She recently at the beginning of December transferred out of her memory care assisted living facility. For a long-term skilled nursing facility on a permanent basis due to two major falls for continual therapies. Well after being 11 days in a quarantined private room at the said facility she was infected with Covid-19 most likely by a staff member.

Now a dozen days later at our local major city hospital, I'm glad to say my mother can count herself with a Christmas Miracle sorta. She beat the covid coronavirus at age 80, but it took its toll on her. She is refusing all food but liquids on her own which are steering her in a predicament which now Hospice services may be required for the first time. 

Alas, that's my holiday drama.

Otherwise, I have 3 original angelic channeled "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements via clairaudient Inspirational automatic writing as a psychic technique to share. The 1st topic on Christmas Time, the 2nd topic is on Poverty, and the last is on the Ultimate Meaning of God. 

I also have two other statements at this Link for Additional Christmas Statements. One from 2015 and another from 2017 respectively to rekindle the fervor of this holiday period. Enjoy.

Christmas Time:

2988) To the Jolly Olde Greek Saint of Myra, otherwise known as Saint Nicholas of Christiandom. A heartwarming man before modernity turned him into an immortal elf in the North Pole arctic tundra. 

To those that speak ill that he the Santa Claus isn't real. Is only half right, to say the least. Yes, no magical sleigh crisscrosses the global in one entire nightfall to deliver countless wonderous toys world-wide. Yet, still, there is a Christmas Miracle that each Saturnalia the holiday of the now Christians are borrowed from the Ancient Romans all the same. 

That a baby's birth as a future Savior of all souls is cherished upon the Earth every December 25th. The Holy Immaculate Spirit of God keeps the forever young spirits of Saint Nicholas, baby Jesus, and Santa Claus merry as he is bright and even the angelic elder lesser deity of Saturn (Cronus) eternally real upon the heavens at large. Despite what naysayers may say of what is real and what is impossible to the human convention. 

All miraculous realities are constant and very true before God Everlasting! Whether or not worshippers believe or merely pay lip service across these countless centuries. To each one's sacred faith tradition come alive is a godsend, pardon the pun. That even said magical divine entities may be both real and fictitious unto humanity itself.

To God, all is real and truly beautiful in the loving enticing Holy Spirit that is taught on a generational basis. What is real in faith, isn't necessarily real to secular historians, except as a belief tradition wholly stated as such. Nonetheless, what is a fantasy to humanity is real to the Creator that makes the whole Universe(s) in all forms come to a meta-life. Not as empty vacuums of space but very much populated and intrinsically alive with impossible wondrous souls reborn. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


2991) To be poor in the world is a cosmic farce of epic proportions. Be this poverty of moral values and truly even worse of material needs being adequately met. The world and reality in a macro to microscopic mannerisms of meta expressions is a cornucopia of abundance. A living equilibrium operating with everlasting precision. It is only with outside meddling that such quantifiable forces dynamic and metrically opposed cause an out of order disruption. 

To only have tragic unimaginable errors be the new constant until what is unnatural is systematically purged as a remedial act of mercy. Short of such a conundrum being unwound this and many other humans interfered heartaches will cascade the world over. A misery born of greed as pleasure subduing the needs of the many for the delight of the few in centralized power. Much of mother nature like the Internet operates wholly on a macro principle of decentralized authorities. 

No one be it an individual creature much less a nation at scale is meant that much misery over the masses as God created the Earth in his Image and Likeness. Humanity has turned such a divine law inside out in worshipping or adhering instead to what is the flawed will of Mankind instead. Thus perdition reigns with disease and famine as host symptoms of worsening interventions in a backward approach. 

All social endemic structures are instruments naturally of liberty and through corruption unnaturally only foster enslavement as root causation. Humane sociological models of governance are weak introducing flawed tendencies that serve minority interests on greater scales than they are truly worth in actual principle. What is fair is subordinate to what is centralized with authority instead regardless of moral hierarchal values. 

Poverty by material means is a human-created sociological disease at the onset. A crime of humanity foremost where it centralizes wealth amongst its elites. However, the elites define themselves truly is subjective and false overall for their value is very limited. True wealth must mimic a natural balance of an interdependent order of ecological laws of causation. Much like a biological understanding of the fluid hydrological flow patterns of a replenishing wetlands eco-system. Where numerous competing groups at odds can thrive usually together in a paradoxical manner. 

Humanity is no different from an animal-based lifeform requiring decentralized inputs to thrive. With objective inflows of various commodities of wealth to prosper collectively. Much akin to canals as immense major rivers like the Mississippi, Volga, and the Ganges. These conduits of living waters require decentralized eddies as branches of lesser tributaries to serve the land. By chopping up such grandiose rivers into lesser pieces to suit localized interests and all are harmed together one way or another in due time. 

The best cultivations of wealth are circular in motions from the inside out in repeating natural patterns. Versus centralized authorities when they do act, they respond slowly and mostly to clean up the initial damage caused without addressing the root causes. A top to bottom approach is a half-wit model, better yet a model that is paradoxical as within to without and from outside into the central matrixes is best. 

Always copy Mother Nature where such millions of years of evolution of tried and true modeling has been enacted for those keen enough to respect. The natural ecological modeling has all the answers for restoring material abundance at a grand scale worthy of trust and predictability. Without economic and political usurpers relying on flawed assertions with theorems only around less than a thousand mere years at best. These flawed economic theorems have only created reservoir dams of obscene wealth to service the few versus the collective. 

All socialistic and communistic models are bastard approaches seeking to remedy an untenable form of unregulated capitalism where monopolies are worshipped as false idols. Every lifeform deserves a modest wealth to exist in mind, heart, spirit, and certainly in the body as a quality of life worth valuing. To cheat anyone or any other grouping of creatures of this and disease is introduced outright as ecological conundrums. 

God(dess) never Willed poverty on Earth. That is the fragmented Will of Humanity as clearly dysfunctional Modus Operandi in perpetual motion all around. To harm one Child of God is to harm all of God repeatedly without mercy. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ultimate Meaning of God:

2995) To Be Alive merits much when such a life is valued with much fanfare. We do not infer a life with a pulse as in breathing and what, not anatomical features due to mortality. We the angelic host do mean a life fully engaged with fervor with the delight of a good-willed life lived on purpose very well. 

We do understand the class or social caste system of economics upon your society in the West. Although such a form of poorly regulated monopolistic capitalism we deem as barbaric against the total Will of God that is decentralized power metaphysically across all macro souls. This is not for lack of trying with innate corruption in any other model of currency upon the Earth and upon uncivilized antiquity. 

Happiness and long-stemmed Joy can be experienced despite upward social-economic mobility. For your society in the American era of the World as a Superpower nation-State. You can earnestly cultivate moral character in this life truly well if one cared to experience. That is if you have good role models and/or a good head on your shoulders in terms of a mature outlook. 

Many others have succumbed temporarily, if not permanently to temptation in the chaotic world that is unfairly yours. Collectively it is your mess as a semi-sentient species governed through warfare mostly with selfish tantrums otherwise. All others are along for the ride proverbially whether willing or not on what gets decided on their behalf.

The Ultimate Meaning of a Good Life on Earth or upon your Cosmos at large is this. "To Be" like God(dess) as best as you are aware of the Creator of reality as per your evolution as a species permits. "To Be" like God means each according to your natural limitations to mimic the best aspects of God(dess) you each can envision upon eternity. Whether as individuals, as groups, and as entire sociological nations upon any civilized enough world model of perpetual existence. 

To serve each other compassionately as God thru the Inclusive Heavens has done forever in a beautiful best approaches manner for all in need and of concern. To Be the Children of a Living God as the Angels of the afterlife reborn perfectly by grace ever after. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need for this bright morning dawning for you. ---Maya Angelou.

You must cherish one another. You must work, we all must work, to make this world worthy of its children. ---Pablo Casals.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. ---Dennis Waitley.

Paying attention is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves, for others. ---Sharon Salzberg. 

The keyword for our time is practice. We have all the light we need, we just need to put it into practice. ---Peace Pilgrim

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. ---Jesus Christ.

The greatest gift one can give is thanksgiving. In giving gifts, we give what we can spare, but in giving thanks we give ourselves. ---Br. David Steindl-Rast.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.  

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